Memorial column in the town of Glubokoye

Memorial column in the town of Glubokoye


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The town of Glubokoye, which is in Vitebsk region has the richest historical past. These lands were firstly mentioned as back as in 1414, and this populated place belonged to the Great Duchy of Lithuania for quite a long period of time. In the previous centuries Glubokoye was located at the military intersections of different regiments and not once it was passed from Lithuanian servicemen to Moscow ones, and then to the Poles. This township was captured by the French in horrible time of the Great war of 1812, from July to December. When the Belarusian lands fully passed to the Russian Empire, Glubokoye district was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. On May 3, 1791 the governing institution of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth adopted a Constitution.

Progressive Belarusian noblemen and magnates were overjoyed with such an event, and most of them even started to build monuments in honour of the Constitution in their private richest estates. A memorial column was erected in Glubokoye, in the site of a churchyard, which is called “Koptevka” now.

The erection of this monumental column can be dated to the late XVIII century. As it has already been said, it was erected in glory of the Polish-Lithuanian Constitution, adopted on May 3, 1791. It is noteworthy, that this document became a real threat for feudal anarchy and directly for self-government. The Commonwealth became a constitutional monarchy, where freedom of speech, publicity of courts and certainly abolition of feudal right were being advanced.

That is why the memorial column in Glubokoye, covered with the atmosphere of the greatest Belarusian history, draws travellers from different countries, gives them an opportunity to plunge into the history of our great state. The monument rises on the hillock of the former churchyard, and stone grave crosses, as if have grown from under the earth, are situated around it, and dry tree benches give a mystery to this place. It is necessary to say, that the author’s name who erected this monument, is still unknown. However, right at the top this monument is crowned with the storks’ nest, that is a peculiar symbol of happy and restless days.

It should also be noted, that in late XVIII century Elijah Chapel was built in this churchyard, which is desolate and almost completely destroyed nowadays.

Let’s pay attention to the fact that a grave of a celebrated Baron Munchausen is located in this cemetery, a hero of many narratives; a modern memorial was also installed in his honour.                  

To the present day a trip to the town of Glubokoye is included into lots of tourist routes, aimed at unforgettable recreation in the Republic of Belarus. And a trip to the memorial column in Glubokoye is included into the main tourist excursions along this wonderful town. Come here to enjoy the unique monument and wonderful nature!

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