Loshitsa Park in Minsk

Loshitsa Park in Minsk


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The history of the origin of Loshitsa Park in Minsk region

Loshitsa is called Princess Park manor complex of XVIII-XIX century, after which the capital is named the neighborhood. These lands were inhabited since ancient times and passed fr om hand to hand. Owned them at different times, representatives of famous dynasties. And the Park, as Central Avenue was laid in the middle of the XVIII century, S. Prushinskiy, which is altered the old building of the estate in a large residence. A century later, Eustace Lubanskiy, nephew of Prushinskiy, rebuilt the residence in the style of Russian modernism and added a few more buildings.

During Lyubanskiy ruling, the estate reached its highest peak. In 30-e years, during the repression, Loshitsa Park has become a place where people were shot. In the postwar period the Park area was given under the rural farm land "Loshitsa".

In mid-2011, was the opening of the manor-Park complex. Since that time the area was declared a zone free fr om smoking.

Description of Loshitsa Park

Scenic Loshitsa Park is a natural treasure and an oasis among the capital's buildings. It is thoroughly enveloped in the spirit of antiquity, the first mention of Loshitsa was made in 1557.

At different periods in the alleys of the Park strolled outstanding personalities who have left their mark in the history of the area.

During the tenure of the complex Lyubanskiy park has been substantially enriched by a variety of plants. And as the owner was famous for the thrust to science, to the development of new species on the estate was carried out crossing experiments seedlings brought from various States. Thanks Lyubanskiy, today in the Park there are Siberian fir, Magnolia, mountain and Crimean pine, and many others, quite rare plants for Belarus. Many trees in the Park have a very impressive age of 150 to 200 years. These trees look very stately, and some are striking in their thick trunk (up to three loops an adult!).

With Loshitski park there is one fascinating legend, which excites the imagination and attracts tourists. There is a perception that in the Park at midnight, at a time when the apricots are in bloom, you can see the image of Hedwig, wife of Eustache Lyubanskiy. During their marriage, between husband and wife had a falling out. At that time there were rumors that Jadwiga's cheating on her spouse and that is carrying someone else's child. Crushed and slandered, one day the young wife came down to the shore, swam to the boat to mid-river and drowned. For the wife it was a heavy blow. And in the place wh ere you found the body, he planted an apricot tree. This fact marked the emergence of cast during the flowering apricots. Nothing evil and bad spirit Jadwiga is not responsible. On the contrary, it is believed that it helps her lover.

In addition, in the Loshitsa Park there is an oak, which is called engagement. Come to it in the years to request a well-being in your businesses, good health and, of course, love. Say that everything is hidden near this oak comes true.

 Another amazing feature of the park is the fact that in this place many thousands of years ago was the border, wh ere it stopped the movement of the glacier. That is why in a green area of Loshitsa there is a variety of soils and species of plants, birds and insects.

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