The Roerichs’ planet: mountain landscapes in Belarus

The Roerichs’ planet: mountain landscapes in Belarus


Galleries, exhibition halls

A riot of colours, great history and vivid cultural life – these are three reasons for you to visit the Land of Rivers and Lakes. Besides, you can even find mountains in Belarus. The “Cultural Centre of the Belarusian Roerichs’ Fund” is open for visitors in Minsk, where the pictures’ exhibitions of well-known Nicholas and Svetoslav are held. Thus, the mountain lanscapes appear in the capital of Belarus. The family of painter Nicholas Roerich made a great contribution to the history of many countries with its works. Until now travellers all over the world have open for themselves cultural centres named after the Roerichs.

“Mountains’ Master

The are such personalities, whose lives can not be added to the limits of one culture.These are original spiritual cosmopolites, who contributed greatly to the world’s culture with their works. The Roerichs can be ascribed to such people.

So who was Nicholas Roerich? A painter, a philosopher, an architect, a traveller… But, first and foremost, as critics called him – “Mountains’ Master”. Nicholas Roerich devoted more than two thousand of his canvases to the Himalayas. He lived surrounded by the mountains in India and died among them. He saw dawns, sunsets, people’s everyday life, breathed the fresh mountain air and created.

Cultures binding

The pictures’ exhibition of Nicholas Roerich has been held more than 4 time already in Minsk. During this time residents and guests of our country could see the great heritage of well-known Russian traveller.

The Cultural Centre of the Belarusian Roerichs’ Fund is opened for the tourists’ visiting. The exhibitions take place here; you can visit a classical-aesthetic library. The performances for children, concerts, round tables and other important events are held here.

One more important area of the cultural center is the organization of events of intercultural character. It is that activity, which Nicholas Roerich was engaged in during his whole life in Russia, USA, and India. Thus, the “Cultural Center of the Belarusian Roerichs’ Fund” organized a lot of activities (Indian cinema, concerts), where the Belarusian residents could get acquainted with rich culture of India. One of the main areas of the center’s activity is books’ publishing. More than 30 books have already been published, which carry a lot of philosophical, educational and other useful information.

You don’t need to sign up in advance so that to visit The “Cultural Centre of the Belarusian Roerichs’ Fund”; you may just come at the address in Minsk: 10, Russiyanova Street. 

India or Belarus

Surely, someone can object that to know about the Roerichs’ live you’d better go to India directly and exactly there you can not only admire talented Nikolas and Svetoslav’s heritage, but also visit that place, where the celebrities lived and worked.  However, there is one thing in this question: not every person can afford a flight to India, and here, in Belarus you can combine the trip to the Roerichs’ center and the visit to no less interesting places of Belarusian capital, the city of Minsk. Moreover, the Russian soul of Nicholas Roerich always longed for the motherland… 

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