Holy Cross Church in Baranovichi

костел барановичи
костел святого креста барановичи
кресстовоздвиженский костёл барановичи
костел барановичи
костел святого креста барановичи
кресстовоздвиженский костёл барановичи


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Holy Cross Church in Baranovichi is a truly original and eye-catching attraction. It cannot boast of its long history of existence (the building is a little less than a hundred years old), but it is really interesting architectural monument. This cozy wooden church is located in the city center, at the Kuibyshev Street, and is much different from the rest of the architectural appearance of the city. That’s why this Catholic shrine is quite interesting.

Historical prerequisite to the origin of the church

The Church in Baranovichi is begged and suffered through the efforts of the believers. For a long time, the authorities banned the construction of the shrine in the city. Alzhbeta Razvodovskaya advocated the construction of a Catholic church in Baranovichi throughout her life. However, only after her death, it was made possible. Razvodovsky Yan, who owned the estate Razvodovo, which at one time was a part of Baranovichi city, erected there a wooden chapel in memory of his beloved wife. It was located on a Catholic cemetery and the service periodically was carried out by the priests from Novaya Mish. In 1911 a parish was founded there.

When in the 20-ies of the 20 century Baranovichi became a part of Poland - Second Polish Republic - the question of the construction of the Catholic Church had been raised again. Since the vast majority of Poles are Catholics, the question of the construction of the church was resolved positively. Already in 1924 a church made of wood in neo-Gothic style at the site of the chapel was built. One year later, in October 18, 1925, its consecration occured.

Main features of the architectural appearance of the temple

The first thing to note is the surprising fact that the temple was built of wood. Buildings made of wood were characteristic features of earlier times, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries temples were built of stone. That’s why so striking and surprising preservation of architectural monuments amazes, virtually unchanged through the past war, the revolutionary and atheistic hard times. Other buildings like Holy Cross Church can be occasionally found in Lithuania, as well as in small villages of Belarus, that's why its location in the center of a large city is amazing.

Outside, the Holy Cross Church has a wonderful decoration. The first thing that catches your eye is standing outside painted figures of the Mysteries, which is traditional for Catholicism. They, like the temple, are made of wood. Above the gate there is a bell tower, here is the statue of Jesus Christ. In addition, here is a typical symbol for Catholicism, but unusual for us - a Masonic eye, placed inside the pyramid and surrounded by rays. The image is located directly above the entrance to the shrine.

There is the altar dedicated to Virgin Mary and located in a cave made of natural stone in the courtyard of the church. There is the cross of crucifixion not far from it. The yard is smothered in flowers; next to it grow coniferous trees. Parishioners apply a lot of effort and care not only for the outside view of the church, but also for the inner courtyard.

The temple is still functioning, so you can come here not only to look at its original appearance, but also come in inside, attend  Mass. Especially it is necessary to do this on the 14th of September when the church celebrates its feast day and looks especially majestic both inside and outside.



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