The Church of the Holy Virgin Mary in the Village Adamovichi

The Church of the Holy Virgin Mary in the Village Adamovichi


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The Belarusian land has gone through lots of deprivations and sufferings over its long history. The citizens of the country have experienced many mischiefs and grieve; however, now Belarus is considered to be a successful and well-known far beyond Europe country. The reason is that from of old its people have honored and worshiped God, even members of different religions could share the same territory without wars and conflicts. The evidence of this fact is that lots of beautiful and unique sanctuaries have survived in the Belarusian lands. The activity of Christianity has influenced much the culture and religion of the Belarusian people so the citizens of the country are still careful and passionate about preserving architectural monuments.

Catholic churches deserve special attention. It is not important whether they are young or older, modest or impressing with their richness and elegance, functioning or neglected long ago or demolished – this all is a bright history of Belarus, its integral part.

The most popular and beautiful churches include the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary in the village Adamovichi. The ancient walls of this structure preserve the rich history of the Belarusian people and also tragic pages of the formation of the nationality and culture.

The church presents is an example of late Classicism style and considered to be a luxurious architectural monument of the Grodno region. The stone building was constructed in 1854 and has a rectangular shape. The small temple is covered with a hipped roof. The catholicon of the structure is decorated with a quadrangular two-tier belfry that is crowned with a four-sided tent. Near the entry you can see the patron of the church – a sculpture of St Teckly.

The walls of the church are plastered. In order to move away from the excessive simplicity of the exterior the walls are decorated with pilasters, the window openings are arc-shaped. The interior presents a single hall with a plain ceiling. The presbytery and choirs are separated from the center with the walls with an arced opening.

The church that stands out for its small sizes has three altars. Presently it functions, and every day it receives parishioners from the whole village. Surprisingly, the style of late Classicism architecture was almost never used in the XIX century; it was changed with Neo-Classicism so it is rather surprising that the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary is designed in this style.

The church is especially beautiful in winter when the earth is covered with a white blanket. Then the light color of the church obtains a majestic and mind-bending view. So you can often see elderly couples there walking leisurely near the church and also single parishioners looking for the peace and of the soul and mind in this blessed place. This site attracts also tourists that are interested in ancient Catholic sanctuaries in the territory of Belarus.


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