The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady Mary in the village of Prozoroki

The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady Mary in the village of Prozoroki


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In the territory of Belarus, any village, even the smallest one, has its own attractions that you are hardly to come across anywhere else and that deserve our attention. The small location of Prozoroki in the Vitebsk region is no exception.

The history and peculiar features of the village

Prozoroki is profitably situated between economically important the district center Gluboky and the small village of Yazno. Interestingly, the village has got the status of agro-town since 2008. Besides, there is the railway station Zyabki at the distance of 6 km that makes it easier to get to the location.

Prozoroki was first mentioned as a part of the Polotsk Voivodship in 1523. Then beginning with Ivan Korsak these lands passed into possession of the family of Yan Rogoza, Vasily Tukovich, Justinian Schit and the Hrapovitsky Family of the in sequence. That was before the second half of the XVIII century.

When the territory of Prozoroki village passed into possession of the Russian Empire (since 1793), first it was a part of Minsk and Vilna Provinces. The temporary owner Baron Arcady Kroints (since 1848 to 1885) made significant contribution in the growth and development of its infrastructure.

During that period, the first school appeared there and the total of yards had reached sexteen.

A post office, a judicial body, a first-aid station, a county and volost boards began to function in the territory of Prozoroki in the beginning of the XX century. It is not surprising that folk architecture including religious one began to develop there at the time.

 The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady Mary

Originally the Franciscan Monastery stood on its place; it was constructed in the XVII century. However, during the period it was agreed to demolish it and establish the Catholic Church of the Assumption of Our Lady Mary there since 1899 to 1907. New-Roman style was chosen as principal for the architectural design: the facade of the building was made of untreated red brick.

After the Second World War, in 1950, the church was transformed into grain storage, and it restored its religious value 40 years later. The building required restoration that was carried out in 1990.

Despite the fact that the location of the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady Mary makes it the main object in the whole village of Prozoroki, the historically significant monument located at the distance of 50 meters from the church also attract attention to it. It’s the tomb of the famous Belarusian theatrical personality Ignat Buynitsky that showed us the authentic character of the national theatrical art. Here there is a monument established in his honor.

All of this causes a constant interest for the agro-town. So not only the residents of nearby Polotsk, Disna and Gluboky, but also curious tourists come here on guided tours around the towns and villages of Belarus.


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