The Church of the Holy Trinity (St. Roch)

The Church of the Holy Trinity (St. Roch)


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The Church’s Destiny

You can find a church with an unusual fate in a beautiful, cozy and historic quarter of Minsk – Zolotaya Gorka. The Church of the Holy Trinity (St. Roch) is located in the heart of the quarter, but many capital’s guests do not miss it. The church is one of the most mysterious and significant architectural objects of the capital.

There is a legend according to which the Church of the Holy Trinity (St. Roch) was founded on the behalf of a Polish doctor. Residents of Minsk accepted the idea to build the church and began collecting money. So, in the Belarusian capital, a new church was built and was called in honor of St. Roch. This Saint is a patron of surgeons and protects us from various diseases.

Lost Past

According to documents, the Catholic church of the Holy Trinity was built in the XIV century.  King Jagiello ruled at that time. This parish was considered as the oldest Catholic community in the city. In 1409, the building was burned and almost utterly destroyed. Attempts to restore the church were in vain since it was utterly burned again in 1809. Only in 1832, a small chapel of St. Roch became a kind of hope for the citizens, where they could come in order to enjoy silence and share the most intimate with God. But time spared neither men nor buildings.

The church was built in a new form on November  1st, 1864. According to the project of architect M. Sivitsky, the church was built of stone and was made in Neo-Gothic style. The church was called the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Roch. The church was decorated with the statue of St. Roch, the building itself featured a two-story tower, there were bells "Leonard", "Stefan" and "Bronislava". There were gates but they are not preserved today. Also, there were other wooden buildings on the territory of the church such as a forester’s house and almshouse.

Worship Services in the Church

June 1941 was another black mark in the history of Belarus in general and the church of the Holy Trinity (St. Roch). The church suffered during the war. During the occupation of Minsk by the Nazi troops, worship services in the church continued. However, as soon as the war ended in 1945, the church was used as a library. There was a Catholic cemetery near the church, but after the war, it was completely destroyed. In its place houses and administrative buildings were built.


Only in 1983, the restoration of the Church of the Holy Trinity (St. Roch) took place. So, the building was renewed and became a venue for the Belarusian State Philharmonic events. An electric organ was installed inside, windows  were decorated with stained-glass artworks. In the nineties, worship services in the church were recommenced.

In 2006, it was closed, but today in the Church of the Holy Trinity (St. Roch) both masses and concerts took place. Many tourists from different countries come to see this church. Not only tourists should see this building but also local residents since the history of the church is closely linked with the history of the Belarusian capital.

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