The Catholic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Logishin

The Catholic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Logishin


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There are many small townships with a very rich history in the Republic of Belarus. And accordingly, architectural monuments are worth to see on their territories. One of such settlements is situated not far fr om Pinsk, only 25 kilometers. It is an urban village of Logishin wh ere you can see five architectural monuments. Some of them are ruined, but some are working, as, for example, the Catholic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul is.    

The first mention about Logishin can be seen in such a treatise as “The Scribe Book of Pinsk Principality” of 1552. After Logishin was included in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, its owners became the Radzivills. It was known that Albrecht Stanislav Radzivill made efforts to build the first Church building in that settlement. A Catholic Church was raised in 1634. It was known about its architecture that it was wooden. 

Historical events that took place on the territory of modern Belarus in the 18-19th centuries affected Logishin as well, which became a part of the Russian Empire in 1795. They also affected the Catholic parish because the temple was transferred to the Orthodox Church in 1869. It happened that the Church was moved to a cemetery in 1893, on the territory of which it burned down four years later. If you are fond of history, you will know that the Imperial decree “About strengthening the principles of religious tolerance” was out in 1905. It allowed the Catholic Church to return those who had been converted to Orthodoxy but wanted to be a Catholic. That decree helped to revive many Catholic parishes as well. The Catholic parish of Logishin was one of them.


The Church had been constructing during 1907-1909 and it was consecrated in the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in 1913. The temple was built of red brick in the Neo-Gothic style. The Church is a rectangular building with buttresses and high lancet windows. The main facade is also decorated with high lancet windows and a four-storey tent-shaped belfry rises above them.  


The greatest interest is caused by the fact that this Church keeps one of the most revered shrines of Belarusian Catholics, the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God of Logishin. Its history is very interesting. It was left by the Swedes in 1706 when Swedish troops, being not far from Pinsk, were waiting out the spring lack of roads of Polesye. One of the officers forgot the icon at a local clerk. Later the shrine was passed into the Catholic Church.


Even when there was no Catholic parish in Logishin and the icon was in an Orthodox Church, the Catholics did not forget about it. The Catholic Shrine was returned in the Catholic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in 1938. The icon of the Mother of God of Logishin was called the Queen of Polesye because it became miracle-working right after the return into the Catholic Church (when the Swedes left). The icon was crowned ceremonially and elevated to the rank of Sanctuary of Pinsk diocese in 1997.  

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