The Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Plyusy

The Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Plyusy


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The village Plyusy is situated on the south-western bank of the lake of the same name. According to numerous historical sources, it is the lake that gave the name to the village.

Today this village is an administrative center of the village council of the Braslav district, besides, it is noteworthy that Plyusy has lately got the status of an agro-town.

As in many other agro-towns of the Republic in Plyusy there are a school, a culture center, a library, an ambulance station and, of course, a post office. There is also a monument to the countrymen who died here during the Great Patriotic War. The gem of this populous location is an architectural monument – the Church of the Holy Trinity.

The Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Plyusy was erected in the early XX century in New-Roman style. Structures of this style are typical for many other churches in the Braslav district. The thing is that a greater part of churches of the XIX-XX centuries in the territory of the Republic of Belarus were constructed in New-Gothic rather than New-Roman style. This feature gives a unique opportunity for holding different events and city breaks around the Republic of Belarus.

The cultural life of the agro-town Plyusy is rather animate. At earlier times there were numerous Catholic communities at the church. During the Second World War their activity waned.  After the cold war the priests of the church Kazimir Radishevsky and Frantisek Bilsh were exiled. Apart from them ordinary countrymen of the village Plyusy were regularly exiled for not obeying to join the collective farm.

The Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Plyusy was partially destroyed during the Great Patriotic War – one of the towers of the sanctuary was demolished.  Upon completion of the military activities the interior of the church was fully destroyed due to the effort of the Soviet government. At first there were disposed works and then – storage in the church. Then within the walls of the church there was established a labor club. And only in 1989 the sanctuary was given to believers. With the efforts of parishioners under the direction of the priest Frantisek Opyachonok the church was restored and in 1991 the sanctuary opened its doors to believers. 

In the Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Plyusy there are uncommon for Belarusian Catholic churches haut reliefs depicting the Way of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Numerous tourists visit this church during city breaks around the Republic of Belarus. This sanctuary is included into different guided tours; however, the facilities of the village Plyusy are not consistently applied, because the picturesque locality of Belarus, in general, and the area of Braslavsky lakes, in particular, gives an opportunity to organize excursions around the whole Braslav district including the Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Plyusy. 

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