The Catholic Church of St Thaddeus in the Village Luchay

The Catholic Church of St Thaddeus in the Village Luchay


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It is necessary to use only the superlative degree in order to describe this magnificent church. The church is history-steeped, gorgeous inside and outside. The surrounding area is laid out and decorated to match the church.


Its history is connected with the Oginski family. They gave their lands to the Order of the Jesuits, allocated funds for the construction of the church. Therefore, it was consecrated in honor of St Thaddeus, a patron of Tadeusz Oginski. Its construction lasted 10 years (1766-1776). It was consecrated in 1777. In fact, this is the last Jesuit Church in Belarus. Its construction was completed, when the Order was already banned. It combines Baroque and Classicism elements of architecture. Carl Spampani is a presumed architect of the building.

The church was functioning until 1948. Even after it was closed in the era of atheism, parishioners organized service on their own, without a priest and tried to maintain the church. But it was banned. For some period of time, the church served as a warehouse.

In 1990, the church returned to religious believers. The church became more magnificent than it used to be.

Nowadays, the church is included in the list of historical and cultural sights of national significance.


The church represents three-aisled two-towered basilica with an apse, features a hidden dome of the central nave, rectangular windows, placed at the different height.

There are many arches inside the church. The layout of rooms is designed in accordance with canons of the Catholic liturgy.

But the main attraction of the interior is a unique monumental painting – frescoes in grisaille technique. They imitate sculptures, bas-reliefs, stucco. Maitre Casimir Antoshevsky is an author of three-dimensional images that create the illusion of form and space. The figures of saints, scenes from the Bible, the scenes with the participation of secular people of that time together with other interior decorations are breathtaking and unique. Murals on the ceiling are unique too.

In addition to religious music, you may attend festivals of different music genres, which are held in the church.

The adjoining area deserves a special attention as well. There are 12 alleys with 12 statues of Apostles.

There is a fish-shaped pond (fish is a symbol of Christ) with lilies. As it is known, lily is a symbol of purity and innocence.

It is impossible to convey the grandeur of the church; no matter how persuasive words can be, no matter how many attempts were made to describe the beauty, music, painting. It is a must-see building. 

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