The Church of St. Stanislaus in Mogilev


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Mogilev is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Belarus. Its history began in 1267, when a majestic castle, around which the city was gradually forming, was erected on one of the highest hills near the Dnieper River. Mogilev was considered a major commercial and a cultural centre in the XVII century, which had a defense value at the same time. Now it is a large Belarusian city and the centre of Mogilev region.

During the entire city history, many unique architectural structures were built there, many of which were included in the number of the national monuments. At the same time, they are significantly different from each other in type and purpose and scattered throughout the whole city, preserving the flavour of the past not only of the city but also of the whole Belarus for several hundred years already. For example, you can find a large stone building in the central part of Mogilev, which main facade is decorated with exquisite massive portico.

The Church of St. Stanislaus was built on the site of the once existing monastery for the Carmelites. Thus, in 1636, a new wooden church appeared in the city, which was consecrated in honour of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It had a short fate, because the wooden building burned down almost to the ground after half a century. Regarding that, it was decided to build a new stone temple building. As a result, the church for the Carmelites was consecrated by Bishop of Vilno F. Zenkovich as early as in 1765.

However, the transformations had not ended in the church. In 1772, according to the decree of Empress Catherine II, Belarusian Catholic diocese was established in the Russian Empire, which centre was located in Mogilev. After ten years, that newly created religious branch was changed into Mogilev diocese. By the way, it was that diocese, which the dioceses of Moscow and St. Petersburg Latin parishes subordinated to. Thus, by the end of the XVIII century, the Carmelite temple had become a cathedral and belonged to Mogilev diocese. The decision on the name of the temple was made right away as the patron of the church was always considered to be St. Stanislaus.

At that time, the church was subjected to a considerable restructuring: a four-column portico was added to the main facade. A team of talented artists of Mogilev was specially invited for the painting of the temple arches, which was led by famous Paul Piatrovsky.

Mogilev church, like many other Belarusian churches, was closed in the second half of the XIX century, and the archive of BSSR was placed in the building. That part of the church history was rather tragic, as many rare and valuable items, including ancient paintings were lost. A pipe organ, in which rare ceramic pipes were placed, was irretrievably lost too. Fortunately, in the early 1990s, the former temple building was given to believers again, large-scale restoration works were started after that. The largest festival of ecclesiastic music “Mighty God” is held every year in Mogilev, and the Church of St. Stanislaus is the centre of it.

There is no doubt that this Catholic monument is of great interest not only for tourists from other Belarusian regions, but also for travelers from other countries.

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