The Catholic Church of St Stanislaus in the Village Dalekiye

The Catholic Church of St Stanislaus in the Village Dalekiye


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Who is Saint Stanislaus?

This saint should be called St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr. His short life (1036-1079 was full of zealous service to faith, full of kindness and generosity to people. He was martyred.

Bishop Stanislaus came into conflict with the king of Poland – a sinful man, who hypocritically betrayed religious commandments. Stanislaus anathematized (excommunicated) King Boleslaw. At that time, such fidelity to principles and courage shown by a priest was a novelty. The angry king with guards broke into the chapel and executed Stanislaus with his own hand. After that, the guards cut St Stanislaus’ body into pieces.

Whether it is a true story or exaggeration – no one knows the truth. But the facts of the righteous life and death for the sake of pure faith are undeniably proven. St. Stanislaus is revered among Catholics in Poland, Belarus, Lithuania; churches are consecrated in his honor.

Wooden Church in Dalekiye

The church in the village Dalekiye was built in 1939. Throughout its existence, during hard times, it had always been functioning. The church is wooden. Even the fire of the Great Patriotic War did not destroy the building.

Now the church is included in the list of monuments of wooden architecture and at the same time is considered a monument of Art Nouveau architecture.

The construction of the church meets all the canons of the Catholic architecture. There are three naves. The roof is multi-tiered. There is a small tower with a faceted roof and dome above the entrance. Slopes of central, side roofs have different angles, though the façade is symmetrical.

Wooden sculptures of the Savior, the Virgin Mary, and a strict Catholic cross are placed near the church.

Wood as the main material creates a feeling of authenticity, closeness to nature. It is highlighted by color schemes inside and outside the church.

Church Interior

The interior is designed for the needs of worship services. The altar, sacristy, place for a congregation with appropriate lighting. All is simple and natural. The moderate severity of the Codex of the Catholic faith is combined with a gentle congregation’s attitude. Icons are decorated with natural flowers.

During its short existence, the church of St. Stanislaus has collected its own artifacts, exhibits of ancient times – a few ancient books, old harmonium.

Everyone who will come here, whether it would be a parishioner or tourist, ordinary wanderer or confused soul seeking protection, everyone will be surrounded by kindliness and benevolence. As if the church itself embraces you.

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