The Catholic Church of St. Nicholas in Mir

The Catholic Church of St. Nicholas in Mir


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What else is there in Mir except Mir Castle?   

Mir Township is literally on the border between Grodno and Minsk oblast. Looking through guidebooks before you travel to Belarus, studying maps, and reading various online guides, you will surely find in them a mention about Mir castle. You will certainly want to go there.

To stay in the church

However, it is not the only attraction of the settlement, though it is the most important, of course. There is also the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas with the equally interesting and rich history. Mainly, tourists come to Mir for one day. But what if you stay in the Township? What is it necessary for? You will be able to spare more time for Mir castle, and, at the same time, spend time in the Catholic Church.

The history of the temple

The construction of the Catholic Church is connected with the famous Belarusian family of the Radziwills. It is known that the building of the Church was built in around 1605, and the money for the construction was allocated by Nicholas Radziwill Sirotka. But it was not the first building of the Church. There was a wooden Catholic Church in 1587 in the very center of the township.  Its further fate was as follows: it is known that the building of the temple was occupied by rebels during the uprising in 1863. As it is known, disorders were suppressed by Russian authorities, and the Catholic Church was handed over to Orthodox believers. There was functioning an Orthodox Church.

During the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War, the church was closed at all. Parishioners could not even pray in the temple. Only after a while everything fell into place, and the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas opened its doors to parishioners and numerous tourists in Mir Township.

To look inside the church

The tower-belfry of the stone church is still on its place, believers come to the temple to attend masses which are often held here. In addition, visitors will certainly be interesting not only to see the temple from the outside but inside as well.

You should sit in the Catholic Church and listen to words of the priest which appeal to those who came to attend the service, be imbued with organ music. You will feel protected and so cozy in the church that you will never want to leave it. Do not think about being in a hurry to catch the bus, because you can feel the strongest energy charge which will be useful in the next trip. You should certainly buy any souvenir in Mir.  Perhaps, it will be an icon of St. Nicholas, which will further help you in your travels.

The heart of Mir

Do not miss the opportunity to walk through Mir Township, because, though it is small, there are a lot of attractions. Try to find time for each of them. Of course, you will immediately want to visit Mir Castle. Perhaps, you will do it at first, but do not forget to look into other interesting places.

This trip will become for you a real discovery and an opportunity to touch different eras that coexist with each other and are located in the heart of the settlement.

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  • Moscow - Smolensk - Minsk - Khatyn - Mound of Glory - Mir - Nesvizh - Orsha - Moscow
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, Mir , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 140 km
, Mir , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 126 km

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