The Catholic Church of St. Andrew Bobola in Polotsk

The Catholic Church of St. Andrew Bobola in Polotsk

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A church appeared here, on Dzerzhinsky Street of Polotsk, among the multi-storey buildings in 1997. Since then, its presence has adorned the street.

Andrew Bobola (1591-1657) is a saint who is revered among Christians of Roman-Catholic Church. He was a missionary, educated theologian, eloquent speaker. Christians loved him while adherents of other religions feared because he always won in the disputes. Andrew Bobola was tortured to death but did not renounce his faith.

It is worth mentioning the story of his relics. They were transported, transferred in different ways from town to town, from country to country, exhibited in museums, hidden in churches. The relics were in Rome, Moscow, Pinsk and other cities and villages until they were buried in Warsaw.

Andrew Bobola worked a lot in the territory of modern Belarus and Poland; he is considered the patron of these countries today.

He was canonized in 1938, and the Catholic Church in Polotsk was consecrated in his honor in 1997.

There was a cinema on the site of the church some time ago, part of its structure was used in the construction of the church, but an architect altered the layout of the building. As a result, the church was built in accordance with all Catholic canons. The building is multitier, asymmetrical (a Sunday school building was added to it later; it did not influence the integrity but added dynamism to the entire construction). The main detail of the exterior is a five-tier tower-belfry.

When you see gates, you will understand the main concept of construction: the commemoration of the martyrs for the Christian faith, Catholic Church. When words can’t illustrate tortures, art and sculpture speak. It can be said about the church of St. Andrew Bobola in Polotsk.

Images engraved on metal, bas-reliefs on the doors of the church are art pieces. They show not only scenes of torture but also the courage of martyrs, illustrate the greatness of their spirit.

Attempts to describe this building in words are rather ungrateful. This church deserves to be seen and everyone should listen to mournful sounds of the organ.


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