The Church of the Fatimsky Mother of God in Baranovichi

The Church of the Fatimsky Mother of God in Baranovichi


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This architectural monument is hardly can be named historical, as it has been constructed very recently.  Nevertheless, it has already managed to become «the greatest favorite» among the inhabitants and visitors of Baranovichi, attracting attention with its harmonious style and cozy interior atmosphere. Let’s pay particular attention to the details.

The challenging construction

Initially, the construction of a catholic church was planned for the early 90-s of the last century, but there appeared some financial difficulties and the project was frozen for a time.

The construction was restarted and finished with the help of the priest E. Mazur in 1998. Interestingly, according to its name the Church of the Fatimsky Mother of God is the only one in Belarus and the first Catholic Church dedicated to this queen in Eastern Europe. It is situated in one of the main streets of Baranovichi – Soviet Avenue.

The full function of the church became possible after the first communion service had been held in May 2012. Twenty children, girls and boys, clothed in appropriate white robes were gathered in the church, they were the first to go through that ceremony in the Church of the Fatimsky Mother of God in Baranovichi.

The church functions in the complex with the other town attraction – the Monastery of the Sisters of the Sagrada Familia – and it is a part of the Pinsk Eparchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

This building is well-known not only for its religious activity. The famous monthly «Dialogue» is issued there in three most popular languages in the region – Russian, Belarusian and Polish. Pilgrim tours are also organized that are rather popular among the locals and visitors of Belarus.

Construction features

The exterior of the church attracts attention with its well-chosen architectural style (avant-garde neo-Gothic style) and harmonious combination of the white brick facade and the gable roof covered with red tiles. This carries us far beyond Belarus, to some small authentic town in the center of Italy. It is so different from common ancient church buildings.

The belfry with stained glass windows located from the right side of the building is also of some interest. It creates some asymmetrical effect and contributes the whole composition with a nice dynamism and uniqueness.

A housing block of the church is located in the three-storey building behind the complex; it attracts attention with an unusual front triangular facade.

As to the inner decoration, the priority is given to the sculpture of the Fatimsky Mother of God located in the main nave. In addition, there are impressive wall columns and other architectural elements common for neo-Gothic style.

The Church of the Fatimsky Mother of God in Baranovichi is rather unusual object that is worth visiting not only for religious but also for educational purposes. The contrastive white and red building of an interesting design against a blue sky and perfectly trimmed grass presents a sight that will leave an indelible mark on your consciousness.


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