The command bunker of the Warsaw Treaty countries

The command bunker of the Warsaw Treaty countries


Historical and cultural complexes

In the 80-s, command bunker for united powers of Warsaw pact were being built in the USSR secretly where the authorities of the organization could have hidden in a case of a nuclear attack. Here they could be saved from an attack and give instructions against enemies.

The world was at the edge of the nuclear war from 1953 to 1962. In May, 1955 during the Cold War, the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Romania, The East Germany, Albania and Poland signed a pact about collaboration and mutual aid in Warsaw. That was the response to alliance of America and the West Germany and empowerment of NATO. So Europe was divided into two camps.

The object 1161 is the name of the command point in Belarus

The pressure in arms competition had been decreasing since the 70-s, but command points of Warsaw Pact were being built in the USSR. In 1985, a metal hanger looking like a sarcophagus appeared near the Polish border. Its height was equal to an 8-storied house and its width was like 2 football pitches. That building hid the underground construction site from American satellites.

The powers of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR broke apart, that’s why the construction was frozen. 30 years have passed and the former command bunker looks like ruins and tons of rust at present, but it is still the most mysterious trace of the Cold war on the territory of Belarus. Such bulkers exist in Azerbaijan and Moldova, but the Belarusian bunker is the biggest construction, its depth is more than 60 meters.

The Belarusian underground point cost about 32 millions of soviet rubles. For example, a 5-storied house cost 1 million at that time. Two 12-storied blocks were built in Shchadilki in Grodno region. The command must have set up in the first one. There was a hall for running the army, working bureaus, a dining room, a medical department and even a morgue. The second one was for life support of the bunker – there must have been technical departments and the stock. There were two transitions between the blocks. There was a 3-meter concrete roof above the construction.

By the way, the government spent a lot on special concrete that protected from nuclear, because concrete has a quality that decreases influence of gamma radiation.  6 centimetres of concrete makes it twice as weaker.

The former military point of the USSR was watched till 2009 in spite that it had been abandoned by the state and builders after the breaking up of the Warsaw Pact. Later, the equipment bought for big money was taken out and the rest was stolen. Marauders didn’t manage to steal the walls of the bunker. They are made of unremovable meal formwork flood with solid fortifying concrete.

In 2011, the hangar was removed and enigmatic holes in the ground were hidden under the pile of iron and metal covered with soil. Now this place looks like a hill. There are concrete blocks and slates around. But there is a multistory house inside the ground. But there is a pile of rust metal from inside.

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