The Jesuit Collegium in Orsha

The Jesuit Collegium in Orsha


Architecture, Industrial buildings

The building of the Jesuit Collegium was painstakingly restored in Orsha in 2014, according to the papers and archeological artifacts. Nowadays there are an art gallery, a children’s library and an exhibition hall. Thereabout, in the building of the former music school there is “the House of crafts”.

Education for all

Jesuits that lived in Orsha in 1610 received from King Sigizmund III a building as a gift. It was used for holding Seims once. The monks organized the institution of the Jesuit Collegium there. At that time, anyone could get education there regardless of their level of income.

The Latin language

The aspiration of knowledge was promoted and supported by the fact that there was everything for studying. So, there was established the first pharmacy in the territory of the Collegium in Orsha and there was laid out the veritable garden with medical herbs. By the way, the garden was also the first and the only one in the town. The theatre also attracted attention of the residents of the town. Certainly, there were a refectory and a library, and the Church of St. Archangel Michael in the territory of the Collegium. All students could attend music school, sing in the choir. But the primary area was studying the Latin language. The knowledge of it was considered to be a sign of the educational attainment.

The hard period

Unfortunately, the golden age of the Jesuit Collegium was not long. In 1820, a ban on the activities of the Order of the Jesuits was issued; and the building was placed at the disposal of the military body. The former Collegium passed into a prison that was accommodated there during several decades. The prisoners had been kept there up to 1989.

The time comes

But a new stage dictates new rights; it was a life-changing time for the building of the Jesuit Collegium in Orsha. Enormous efforts were spent on to restore the original appearance of the educational institution. Of course, all this was achieved thanks to scientists, researchers and ordinary people interested in history.

Open any guide around Belarus and watch numerous photos. You’ll see the wonderful pictures attracting attention. The main attraction in Orsha is the restored building of the Collegium. It has become a landmark of the town, and it helps to recognize Orsha. Many tourists are interested in its appearance and foretime will be forever engraved in the memory of the generations.

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