Cemetery of World War i in the village of Desyatniki

Cemetery of World War i in the village of Desyatniki

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In a village called Desyatniki in the Volozhin district, there is one of the most significant military cemeteries, which the First World War left behind. Many soldiers of the German-Austrian army were buried there, however, Russian soldiers were buried there as well. When combats ended, sanitary services buried corpses of soldiers near each other, they returned ID and military badges to enemies.

How can be explained the fact that there are many cemeteries of the German-Austrian army of the First World War period? Why there are no graves of Wehrmacht soldiers, which located close to the burials of Soviet soldiers? First of all, it’s a problem of systematization of military actions. At many German cemeteries, plaques were found with the inscription "Soldiers rest here - victims of the First World War," it classifies all the soldiers who fought with each other as victims. Therefore, historians have no pretensions to the soldiers who rest in these lands. However, it is impossible to respect Wehrmacht soldiers in historical and ideological terms of modern Belarus and the Soviet Union. There are serious reasons that are not subject to consideration: the Nazi cemeteries should not exist in Belarus. However, it should be noted that in the Republic of Belarus there are a small number of graves of the Nazis, who were killed during the Great Patriotic War.

The military cemetery of the 1st World War was organized by the Poles in the village of Desyatniki after the battle in 1922. The territory of Western Belarus belonged to Poland at the end of the Soviet-Polish war. Most likely, the graveyard was created by the Poles at the expense of Germany. This graveyard has a memorable phrase: “cmentarz wojskowy nr. 361”, it means “military cemetery № 361.” Numbers of other burials are unknown.

The cemetery is located at the entrance to Desyatniki, on an unremarkable hill. A huge memorial with an eagle is welcoming visitors. For more than a century, it maintains order and protects the peace of the dead.

It is not hard to notice that this graveyard is rather small but quite clean.

The memorial monument with an eagle was built in 1916 by architect Bollman. However, it is unknown whether the monument was made in Germany and brought here or made in Belarus. The entire territory of the cemetery has small memorable plaques, arranged in successive rows.

It is necessary to note that charitable organizations of Germany provide money for maintaining the cemetery.

Nowadays, the cemetery is in perfect condition. Apparently, it is because of financial support from Germany but inhabitants treat this cemetery with deference


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