Kirov Bridge in Vitebsk

Kirov Bridge in Vitebsk


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A promenade on the Bridge

Vitebsk is known far beyond Belarus, first of all, due to the festival “Slavyansky Bazar” which is annually held here. Surely both guests of the festival and tourists, who came to the city in the festival season, walk on Kirov Bridge in Vitebsk. In the beginning of July, there is not an inch of room on the Bridge either in the daytime or in the evening: both famous artists and ordinary travelers who came to the Belarusian cultural capital take a promenade.  

The hospitable Belarusian city of Vitebsk offers a more calm and quiet season for hopeless romantics who love to wander under the soft light of the evening lanterns, outside of the festival days. It is a real pleasure to walk through the half empty Kirov Bridge in the quiet time.   

The history of the Bridge

First, the bridge across the river in Vitebsk was wooden. It was rebuilt several times. The construction of the bridge was destroyed by the floods and the war. Its fate was finally decided in 2010 when the remains of the bridge were dismantled.  

At the same time, another bridge connecting two banks of the river was being constructed in Vitebsk. It was built like a bridge on St. Germain's railway. The beauty of this bridge eclipsed all the local attractions. But that whole magnificence was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War.

They began to construct that particular Kirov Bridge on the place of the destroyed bridge in the post war period. You will go to it if you come to Vitebsk. The construction was delayed for a long time. It began functioning only in 1955.

Times are changing

The bridge had existed for quite a long time in the form in which it was put in commission. But the time dictates its conditions and a large-scale reconstruction of the bridge has already been started in the 21st century.  Thus the coverings of the bridge and pavements were changed in 2004-2005. They became wider, flowerbeds, lanterns and decorative columns were placed there.

You will ask why the bridge is called Kirov. It is very simple: the concrete construction received its name in honor of S. M. Kirov, a statesman.  

A walk

Can’t you wait to go to Vitebsk? Whether it is a festival season or just a pleasant summer evening, you must walk through Kirov Bridge if you come here. You will get a lot of impressions and will be able to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of an evening city. If your tour is held in the daytime you should wait until the city will be plunged in the twilight. Vitebsk is especially beautiful at this time of the day.  Such a romantic atmosphere will be especially pleasant for lovers. Tourists, travelling with tour groups, also can fully enjoy the views of the city from the height. Vitebsk is beautiful at any time of the year and anyone will be able to find something interesting for him in the Northern Belarusian city on the Dvina River. 

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