The Temple of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Rybaki village

The Temple of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Rybaki village


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There is a wonderful village with a colorful name Rybaki in the vast territory of Smorgon district of picturesque Grodno region. It is a small village, where only a few dozen of local residents. The village is very picturesque as it lies on the beautiful bank of the Viliya, and it is several kilometers from Smorgon. Since the village is next to the small town of Svetlyany, there is some confusion about one of the sights belonging to the Belarusian historical and cultural heritage.

Despite the fact that Rybaki occupies a small area and its population is very small, the village has much to be proud of. In the local cemetery, there are ruins of three chapels-tombstones dating back to the XIX century and many neglected forts reminding of the bloodthirsty wars that took place there. The special pride is the Temple of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul belonging to the number of architectural monuments of the Republic of Belarus. If everything is clear about the chapels and forts, the confusion often arises in the case of the Orthodox temple because the temple in the geographical dictionary of Poland was associated with neighboring Svetlyany village since the XIX century, and still many people associate it with this location. Svetlyany is also situated in Smorgon district, but there are a few more residents than in neighboring Rybaki. There is its own attraction in Svetlyany – a ruined estate that dated presumably the XIX century.

It is believed that the Temple of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of Rybaki village was built on the site of the appearance of the Mother of God and it was consecrated in honor of the apostles Peter and Paul. Every year the feast day of Peter and Paul is solemnly celebrated in the temple on 12 July that attracts numerous Orthodox believers not only from Rybaki village but also from nearby locations. The temple was constructed long ago, but it was severely damaged as well as the entire Smorgon region during the First World War. Right before the Second World War, in the 30-ies of the last century, it was remade of concrete, and consecrated in honor of Peter and Paul. This architectural monument is designed in Old-Russian architectural style. The shape of the temple resembles a rectangle, and its roof is decorated with an onion-like dome that is found in many Orthodox sanctuaries. The building area is over one hundred square meters. A two-tier belfry is attached to its front part and a prayer hall is separated from the altar by a beautiful iconostasis made of wood. In the period when the Nazis were active in the Belarusian lands, the temple was not functioning. Its activity was restarted during the postwar period.

The beautiful temple of Rybaki village apart from Orthodox believers cordially invites tourists visiting the hospitable lands of rich Smorgon district. 

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