Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker in Kraysk.

Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker in Kraysk.


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Kraysk is an agro-town in the Logoysky district of Minsk region. The name of the former village «K-Raysk» is believed to have originated from the word «Raysk» with a wink to the story that once people used to live like in a paradise in that area. But after cruel bloodshed (the river`s water ran red with  blood), all over the place was destroyed and burnt, one street remained- «kray, konets». Since then the name «Kraysk» has been accepted even though the village was rebuilt.

Contemporaries narrate that when this territory was under the powerful dukes` rule the largest and best-maintained churches functioned here. There are only two left now. The bigger one is the Church of Saint Nicholas.

Church in Honour of Defender and Wonderworker.

Saint Nicholas lived a holy life in the period of 3-4 centuries A.D. He could stand up for the Christian faith. It should be noted that he was a contemporary of St. George. The personalities of these saints complement each other in some way. George is a courageous warrior, Nicholas is a wise mentor and defender.

In the hierarchy he is the second in importance to the Mother of Christ, the patron saint of the needy and the asker in front of the creator. That`s why there are so many temples dedicated to his honour  in the Orthodox world. In a harsh reality people want to worship exactly Saint Nicholas with his reputation of the Wonderworker.

There is a small church in Kraysk but it is honoured by parishioners among the multiple similar temples.

Fate of the church in common timeline of social history.

The church was erected in 1874. It has endured with people all the tribulations of tough history. During the theomachy period it was closed and excluded from the number of religious buildings. Afterwards here used to be a stable, a youth club and a billiard room.

When new political and social winds blew, the church was returned to worshippers. In 2000 the construction works were completed and it was consecrated.

In 2009 here was installed the single in Belarus bust of Nikolay Vtoroy who had been the last Emperor of the Russian Empire. The installation was caused by the fact that worshippers and the senior priest father Sergey Podolsky had noticed amazing coincidences of milestones and dates of the temple`s life, the parish and the district with events and dates of life of the killed innocent members of the ruling Romanov dynasty. Some events (for instance, myrrh exudation and tears) could be interpreted only as signs. All these unaccidental coincidences have been recorded in the senior priest`s diary as it`s known from open sources of information.

That is why at the insistence of the parishioners and Father Sergey the bust (made by the Russian sculptor Vladimir Zelyanko) of the canonized emperor was established just on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the murder of the Tsar`s family. And a corresponding inscription had been made: about Christian believers` gratitude  towards regal martyrs for divine assistance received over the years to them and their parish of Kraysk.

Well the Emperor Nikolay The Second was baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity and throughout all his life and years of reign had the warmest feelings for Belarus and Belarussian church, gave gifts and contributed to its development.

And if one`s prayer mentioning Great-Martyr Nicholas offered in a beautiful, radiant church of Saint Nicholas works out, thank goodness then and let it it.


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