Nesvizh Local History Museum

Nesvizh Local History Museum



The Local History Museum in the town of Nesvizh was opened in the beginning of 1995, however, it is worth noting that preparing and collecting exhibits for this Museum was started in 1986. In addition to the Museum, since 2005 here also has been located the Museum-apartment of the artisan M.K. Sevruk, a workshop of clay art and a forge.

In the beginning of 2012 the Museum funds consisted of about 8.5 thousand basic exhibits and 3 thousand additional ones. All the items of art are divided into 19 collections. And in 2011 the Museum joined the international campaign which has already become a tradition, called “Night of museums”.

All the collections of the Local History Museum are very diverse and are located in five spacious rooms. Thus, the collection under the name “Careful identity” introduces guests to the interior of a village house of the 19th century, exhibits “Trade and crafts of Nesvizh area” transfer the Museum guests from an old village to the main square of Nesvizh, in the hall called “War. Tragedy. Feat” are shown military actions of the 20th century, which directly touched the whole Nesvizh district.  

The most significant and profound is considered a collection which was called “Nesvizh. Pages of legends and history”. This collection depicts the era of the existence of Nesvizh from the 15th to the 20th centuries. The shown exhibits are divided into several sections, where every of them recreates significant periods of developing Nesvizh. Among them there is a section under the name “The town-legend”. Here are presented manufactures of the archaeological excavations that took place over the whole area of this town. The section “The legacy of Nesvizh” tells about the labor practice of Nesvizh Teaching Seminary and many other educational institutions. Exhibits of the section “Sketches of Niasvizh way of life” represent a residential design of the early 20th century and the office of a local government employee.

Also guests of Nesvizh Local History Museum are interested in a great number of exhibits, among which the most popular became the longcase clock of the end of the 19th century from the office of the head of the Radziwills’ estate, and various antique utensils, which were found in the basement of athe monastery. Moreover, here is a Benedictine (the oldest monastic order), liturgical writings of a traditional Latin mass and lots of other pretty ancient items.

The exhibition halls of the Local Historical Museum annually host about 25 exhibition events. Besides that, the interest of travelers, who chose the vacation in Nesvizh, is attracted by a dynamic exhibition, the so-called “Saved values”, which shows the oldest religious images, crucifixions of the 19th century and other things, which were given to the Museum from Brest and Grodno customs funds.

The Local History Museum in Nesvizh is the center of most sightseeing tours in Belarus.

It is also worth noting that Nesvizh Local History Museum was named the winner in the nomination “The Best Museum of the year” (2008) on the results of annual contest among museums across the whole Minsk region.     






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, Nesvizh , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 150 km

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