Brili Field Historical Complex

Brili Field Historical Complex


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"Brili field" Memorial includes several monuments that are located at the site of a decisive battle between the Russian army and Napoleon. The memorial exists because of the defeat of Napoleon's army on this land.

During battles on the Berezina, which lasted for four days in November 1812, about 50 thousand soldiers were killed on both sides. Hundred years later, in 1912, a monument was built in memory of the Russian fighters. Near the village of Studenka, where the French army approached the Berezina river, there is a monument with a memorial plaque and medallion depicting Napoleon.

About 400 French soldiers, who were found in the territory of the surrounding areas, were buried in a local cemetery. There are three fenced graves, each has a granite cross.

On the bank of the Berezina, on the Brili field, not only the fate of Napoleon and his army was determined but the whole Europe.

Also, by the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War in the site of the artillery bridge, a huge boulder with a plaque was placed. It says: "Here, on the Berezina River, in November 1812, the Russian armies under the command of M. Kutuzov defeated Napoleon's troops."

The French delegation whose ancestors fell on the banks of the Berezina came to the opening of the monument. This monument was made at the expense of Fernand Bokur the head of the Napoleonic Studies Center in Paris. Politicians fr om many countries, church officials, and representatives of various organizations attended this ceremony.

Annually, in November, on the Brili field, a costumed reconstruction of the battle takes place in which representatives of historical and cultural clubs from many countries take part.

The village Staroborisov is located not far from the memorial wh ere a fragment of an ancient estate stands. According to historical writings, Napoleon himself stayed at this estate, and for two centuries, this building has been called the “House of Napoleon”.

Near the village of Studenka, a monument was built in memory of the victims during the war of 1812. Many tourists and foreign travelers come to see monuments near the village Studenka and on the Brili field.

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