St. George’s Church in the village of Druya

St. George’s Church in the village of Druya


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Those people, who wanted to spend their leave in Belarus on Braslav lakes wouldn’t regret, if turn off to a picturesque place Druya, where there is something that you can admire endlessly. Druya is a small village, located on Belarus-Latvia border, that makes it special because a special permission is necessary for its visit. But it shouldn’t become an obstacle for interested tourists! Perfectly preserved St. George’s Church is one of many reasons to necessarily visit the village of Druya.

Many centuries ago, Druya was a prosperous town, originated with confluence of the small river Druyka into the West Dvina. Some historians date the forming of Druya to the XV century. But it is commonly assumed that Druya appeared far in 1386, when it was seized by Grand Prince Andrey Olgerdovich. For quite a long time, Druya was possessed by Lev Sapega, a chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.  The township was popular with the first state officials. It is known for certain, that Peter the Great and Stephen Batory didn’t neglect the town.

Sometimes the town was demolished with the numerous wars, taking place on its territory, sometimes it rose fr om the ashes and was rebuilt of the ruins for its long history. Druya held the line with the help of enormous size castle on the West Dvina. The town had a Magdeburg right, that gave him special privileges. In the XVII century, the town was a large trading place, wh ere a great number of swordsmen, seddlers, harness makers worked. Icon-painting was also taught there. Now being in Saint Petersburg, Druya Gospel also has been presented in a small town of Druya.

A unique monument of Belarusian architecture – St. George’s Church, built in the XIX century, has remained whole to the present day. Many years ago, the only place for prayings – cemetery chapel, which had been transformed into St. George’s Church by the locals together, functioned for the Orthodox believers of Druya. It occured that St. George’s Church in the village of Druya is the only functioning Orthodox church in the neighbourhood. The temple is located on a clearing in the woods. It is very tiny and seems almost toylike from the distance. The churchlet is placed on a foundation of rabble stone, its walls are trimmed with boards horizontally, with carved small windows. St. George’s Church in Druya functions well and invites Orthodox believers to confession. The  doors of the church are always wide opened.

In course of religious tour, tourist route or just on the way to the recreation place, it is necessary to turn off to picturesque Druya – the gem of Belarusian lands, which is lost among large cities. St. George’s Church is marvelously preserved monument of Belarusian architecture that you can touch in the village of Druya.

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