Gallery "Slavutyya Maistry" (Famous Masters)

Gallery "Slavutyya Maistry" (Famous Masters)


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There is hardly a place in Minsk that would be the most known to the guests of the capital than the Trinity Suburb. This is a so-called calling card of the city. Because the image of the Trinity Suburb is found on many postcards, stamps, souvenirs, and even on banknotes. The Trinity Suburb is considered to be a historical district of the city of Minsk. It is this suburb where the famous gallery called "Slavutyya Maistry" is found.

 In this gallery you will find a huge variety of souvenirs and gifts that have been created by nationwide craftsmen and professional artists. Here you can not only admire objects of art but also buy handicrafts made of different materials such as: wood, leather, glass, osier and linen, and many others. Undoubtedly, it is noteworthy that it is the gallery "Slavutyya Maistry" where presents for the Queen of Great Britain, the Pope, presidents and prime ministers of many states have been purchased. Every month personal exhibitions of Belarusian artists are held in the gallery. The gallery workers can offer you to have a tour that is absolutely free. In this gallery you can make photos for memory in national Belarusian costumes and knight armor and princely robes. Every month there are held various master classes of pottery, tasting of mead, games and dances.

 It is also worth mentioning a fascinating fact. On the day of the marriage ceremony the wedding rite called "Nachynne Schastsya" is held for newlyweds. This ritual symbolizes family happiness and harmony. A young couple forms their main family vessel with the help of the potter. There is another equally symbolic ritual, during which a craftsman makes a footprint of the baby on the piece of clay. This ritual is called "The First Step on the Earth." After the ritual a memorable panel is made.

 In the gallery "Slavutyya Maistry" you can watch the artists’ work, get acquainted with their best works, to buy handicrafts with national picturesqueness.

Among the items of the gallery there are dolls made of flax and straw, woven baskets made of osier, ceramic panel pictures and statues, wooden bison and carved paintings, designer jewelry made of amber and beads. The huge variety of handicrafts made of natural leather.

You can also purchase amazing beauty boxes, Easter eggs, vases and many others. These works are made of thin wood shaving of different species of wood. Applied arts emerged in the Republic of Belarus in the late XX century. The works of masters possessing the secrets of this skill decorate the personal collection of not only the English Queen, but the Pope.

 The concept of the gallery aims to let anyone wishing explore the amazing potential of folk art of Belarusian masters, history and meaning of many folk rituals, and also give the opportunity to buy handicrafts you like for a lasting memory.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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