The description of Minsk attraction – the Gallery "Conception"

The description of Minsk attraction – the Gallery "Conception"


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The Gallery "Conception" acquaints guests and the capital residents with the works of Belarusian artisits. The best works of more than 150 artists, who paint canvases in various styles, are collected here. You can get acquianted with both classical painting and modern examples of graphics and abstractionism here. Except for painting, sculpture and decorative-applied art are represented in the gallery “Conception”. There are two spacious exhibition halls, where different artists’ canvases are located. It is notable that the collection is constantly replenished with new works. All the exhibits are arranged under the principle of mini-exhibitions, that is the most convenient way in choosing a canvas for your own pleasure, for house interior or as a gift for someone.

The gallery "Conception" can be referred to the modern Belarusian art and youth creative studio galleries. As you can not only admire the pieces of art, but also purchase canvases to your own collection. At the wish of a buyer an accompanying certificate can be attached to a canvas.

The art gallery "Conception" positions itself as a social and cultural establishment, that studies and promotes its collections, contributes to the unification of Belarusian and national visual art. Despite the fact that this wonderful place is hidden in a semi-basement building on Karl Marks Street, It is well known both among Minsk residents and the guests of the city.

"Conception" is a cosy and affordable shop, where you can buy a canvas or sculptures. The gallery “Conception” is undoubtedly notable for its style and nature among the majority of similar establishments. As it was mentioned before more than hundred of virtuosi place their works here! Each of them has its own trend and style.

The main artist, who defines the individuality of this gallery is Leonid Dmitrievich Shchemelev. This wonderful painter has an honourable title of national painter of BSSR, and also honoured artist title. Due to his extensive works collection, taking the largest part of the exhibition, the gallery "Conception" opened its doors at its time. Earlier it had been assumed to call the gallery in the artist’s honour.

The gallery staff place the canvases in accordance with their own tastes. A great number of young contemporary painters, with whose works any willing can be acquainted, audience which estimates the authors – all of it characterizes “Conception” as an entertaining modern young creative studio.          

Both art historian and art-director work at this amusing gallery, who are willing to tell you about each piece of art, to help you with choosing a canvas, make up all the documents with the purchase.

If you are interested in modern talented artists, and if you prefer to look at the things that can be bought at an affordable price – the gallery "Conception" is exactly for you.

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, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 40 km
, Minsk , Belarus
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