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The “Gallery DK” opened its doors for connoisseurs of art in April 2014. More than fifteen both individual and collective exhibitions of famous Belarusian authors have been held for two and a half years; “NUDE” – by author Dmitry Surinovich and “THE BEST SELECTION” – by Alexander Zabavchik are worth mentioning among these exhibitions. The “Gallery DK” also continues to develop relations with many other countries. Within such cooperation framework international exhibitions in Budapest and Vilnius have been organized.

The Gallery “DK” is undoubtedly the newest world viewing space on a small capital map or art objects. Present exhibition and classical aspects in an objects play of contemporary mastery are well combined. The format of this gallery was completely unusual for the megapolis with soviet propaganda in the culture. A stunning opening, the whole Minsk elite was called at, desired audience of this establishment was immediately determined. Exceptionally politicians, businessmen and their wives, including different media personalities were there. Nevertheless, the further Gallery activities increased dramatically the audience of the exhibit hall. Now, it is a “living” place, where all sorts of seminars, master classes and presentations are organized. We can state for sure, that a new history of a gallery mastery is happening in Belarus.

The founders of  the “DK”  scrupulously choose a piece of art for exposition, trying to please the taste of both amatours and experts of modern art. At the same time, the main purpose of this gallery’s opening is to revive the names of unjustly forgotten authors and masters. Today there are more than 500 works of Belarusian masters in the collection of the gallery “DK”.

Additionally the Gallery works actively in the sphere of canvas production, and thereby contributes greatly to the popularization of contemporary art. But the activity of the “DK” is not bounded by purchase and sale. Not only does the platform carry out active exhibition policy and do research in the sphere of painting, but it also consults about the investments into art itself. The authors’ master-classes on drawing are organized not only for children but also for adults.

The gallery “DK” organizes not only the exhibition of popular Belarusian authors but also of young artists and foreign masters. Due to a quite fast change of displays the visitors can get to know a great number of painters and graphic artists. The total area of the Gallery “DK” is 180 square metre, that gives a possibility to hold presentations, art meetings and master classes here. There is also a possibility to hold installation and performances in organizers’ plans. It is worth mentioning, that entrance to the gallery is free. Each guest is offered to visit an excursion if one wishes.

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