The Eiffel tower in Soligorsk

The Eiffel tower in Soligorsk


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The history of the appearance

The architectural object, which is known worldwide and recognizable without much difficulty is the Eiffel tower. There is no other object that would so often copied and attempted to recreate in their home. A slightly reduced copy of the tower is located in many cities and countries. These include Romania, USA, Bulgaria, China and Denmark.

Belarus is no exception, and not so long ago on the territory of the country in the city of Soligorsk has built its miniature Eiffel tower. The locals are extremely happy to welcome this new acquisition, among other attractions.

Description of the Eiffel tower in Soligorsk

The construction of the tower was dedicated to the birthday of Soligorsk. On its 52 birthday, the city received an unusual gift. In relation to the original tower, this one is executed in scale 1:100. It turned out to be exactly 100 times less than the construction from Paris. Now on the territory of Soligorsk has its own, though not large, the area of France. Despite its fairly small size, the tower is no less impressive and attracts the attention of not only locals, but also tourists from different cities and countries. Design of metal permanently placed on a small platform, the contours of which are identical to the outlines of France on a World map.

The idea to build this "popular" object came to S. Dalidovich, who is the chief of VES №2 in Soligorsk. This same man became a designer of buildings. The local copy of the world object has been loved by locals since the first days of its appearance. Soligorsk tower has become the most popular and favorite venue for photo shoots. None of the visitors, who know about this object in the city, will be able to deny themselves a couple of amazing sights on the background of. And if you choose a special angle, that friends and acquaintances can play out stories about visiting Paris.

Location, near the "Eiffel tower" in Soligorsk, has become very popular among young couples, who are dating near it. This building has some magical properties, filling the atmosphere around romantic Parisian influences. It would seem that the tower is quite far away from France, and the feeling of presence in Paris has not left.

Though the town is small the trip there will be very interesting and will bring a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Near the most popular place in the city you will find the original sculpture of "the Wandering king" as well as on the outskirts of the city worth a visit Svyato-Pokrovsky Cathedral.

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