The Ethnographic Complex «Mlyn» in Zaslavl

The Ethnographic Complex «Mlyn» in Zaslavl


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The history of the ethnographic complex «Mlyn» in Zaslavl

The town of Zaslavl is considered one of the oldest cities in Belarus. The city is famous for the most beautiful legend of its origin. It says that this Zaslavl became the final destination of Rogneda princess’s life and her son Izyaslav. Prince Vladimir had to execute the princess because of the attempt on his life. However, it didn’t happen, as the young seven-year-old son Izyaslav stood up for his mother. The prince had nothing to do but to spare Rogneda and send her together with her child to a territory where he ordered to build a town for his son. Then this place became known as Izyaslavl, in the modern – Zaslavl.

Mills of different types: wind, water and even steam ones worked on the territory of Zaslavl for a long time. Only steam mill has preserved till today, which had been built in the early XX century, in 1910, on the account of the most affluent city dwellers.

The description of the ethnographic complex «Mlyn» in Zaslavl

The mill building has a very interesting and long history, which guides tell the visitors of this place about. There are three floors, cluttered completely with a variety of exhibits inside the mill. Unfortunately, the very steam engine, which launched the mill mechanism, has not survived to the present day, but its work essence is easy to imagine. 

This amazing complex is attractive not only with its main building - the mill, which in 2010 celebrated its centenary, but also with other well preserved buildings. The barn and blacksmith shop as well as the miller’s house for guests are among them. It is surprising that six months after the mill had been constructed it was inexplicably burned. It was restored here in a very short period of time. Only 5 years later the mill owner had to move it to another place, closer to the «Izyaslavl» station, where it is located today.

Due to the fact that Zaslavskaya mill is the only remaining of old steam mills in the country, it has been made a part of the cultural and historical park, which was opened in 1986.

All the items and equipment that blacksmiths and millers used at the beginning of the XX century has been preserved in the complex. Life and work at that time are clearly reflected here due to the typical style and design of this town. The complex «Mlyn» is an amazing attraction of ethnographic nature, which helps to accurately and vividly recreate a short period of history. A lot of interesting and educational tours about historical events and grain grinding technology are held there; even real costumed performances are organized for the visitors. Tourists are given the opportunity to train themselves in the flour grinding process or try to tell fortunes in spikelets. A variety of entertaining rites, games and dances are held as well. Funny past time and an entertaining tour will not leave the visitors indifferent.


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