Tyzenhaus Palace in Postavy

Tyzenhaus Palace in Postavy


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Postavy on the river Myadelka is a small picturesque town in Vitebsk region. The richest Tyzenhaus family brought true glory to the town. You can feel special atmosphere here. Passing through or being on a trip, you should definitely visit grand Tyzenhaus Palace, which the town is famous for. The landmark is completely designed in the fashionable classicism style, and its construction was initiated by Antoniy Tyzenhaus, who owned the town at that time. The monumental palace construction was begun in the XVIII century, and continued long after: Antoniy’s great-nephew Konstantin Tyzenhaus finished the building of the palace, which not without reason fills the cultural treasury of Belarus.

Konstantin Tyzenhaus was reputed to be a wise and unusual person. He was a terrific ornithologist and devoted a large part of his life to scrutiny of rare species of birds. Konstantin made a detailed classification, which Belarusian scientists and their colleagues fr om other countries have used to this day. Thanks to Konstantin Tyzenhaus, an original ornithological museum, rightly considered one of the most beautiful and richest in Europe, appeared in the palace. Stuffed birds, exhibited on display, were numbered in the thousands. Even by today's standards, this number is impressive! All the exhibits were collected by Konstantin Tyzenhaus as an ornithologist for 40 years of fruitful work.

Another passion of all-round Konstantin was painting. A picture gallery was opened by him in Tyzenhaus Palace, in which the original paintings of great artists had been collected starting from Leonardo da Vinci to Rubens. There was an impressive library in the palace, wh ere a huge number of rare book editions were located, which were being collected for a long life by Konstantin Tyzenhaus. However, numerous wars could not pass without leaving a trace: a rich library was put to the sack and many rare editions were presumably taken out to the territory of Russia and Poland.

Tyzenhaus Palace was visited by famous historic figures in Postavy. There is credible information that the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II stayed in the palace. Konstantin gave the most luxurious apartments for the guests, as well as to his favorite activities. The owner himself and his family resided in rather modest rooms. The vast palace area was decorated with original sculptures of great Italian masters, which have preserved to this day. Picturesque parks, alleys, ponds and gardens with exotic plants are also stretched on the territory.

A hospital is located in Tyzehaus Palace in Postavy today. A monument to a great man and a scientist Konstantin Tyzenhaus has been established in front of the building no so long ago, two birds sit on the monument right hand and a wise owl nestled near the right foot.

Tyzenhaus Palace is under the state protection, and UNESCO grant has been received for its restoration as well. The palace is a real gem of Postavy, which can not be avoided by those who concern about the history and culture of their native land.

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