The Spiritual-patriotic complex in the Starinny park in Bereza

The Spiritual-patriotic complex in the Starinny park in Bereza


Historical and cultural complexes

A unique object is located in the Starinny park in Bereza and is unique in Belarus. The religious building harmonizes with the memorial in remembrance of soldiers died in Afghanistan. The patterns of military equipment are also located among the commemorative places.

The spiritual-patriotic complex occupies a large territory inside the Starinny park, founded in XIX century. In total, this place is the memorial of today’s culture and architecture.

The complex was opened on the eve of the Day of Independence of the Republic of Belarus celebration and timed to this day. On this day, the grand meeting of servicemen, war comrades, relatives and close friends of the perished took place in Bereza. But the idea to create the memorial had appeared long before.

What was it like?

Since 1993, the group of enthusiasts decided to collect money for a memorial building. They wanted to perpetuate the 10 soldiers remembrance, who were the natives of Berezovshchina and who died in Afghanistan during the war of 1979-1989.

The work of Sergey Kazak, Brest artist, won at the project competition. The money for the realization of the project were raised soon and in a sufficient amount, but the construction was to be delayed indefinitely.

The idea was brought to life only in 2009. Enlisting the support of the local residents, the idea implementers managed to pay tribute to the died soldiers.

The monument and military equipment

The monument hasn’t changed in appearance until now. It represents two stelae, fastened on the concrete pedestal. The names and surnames of the soldiers, in whose honour the monument was erected, are stated here as well.

The fountain “Chalice of tears”, which operates in summertime is streched out close by the monument. The exhibition of war equipment is set up behind the monument. The helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-24, the plane Su-25 and anti-aircraft installation can be seen among the exhibits.

The temple is an integral part of the memorial

The construction of the temple was started on the 15th anniversary of the withdrawal troops from the Afghanistan. Its erection was dedicated to all of the soldiers, perished during the war in the hot zone.

The local government, while constructing the religious building, expected that the mourning could come here at any moment, soothe their pain and make up for the loved one’s lost by communicating with God. Even nowadays the services and the lities for the killed are held here quite often.

The project of the temple is a work of Leonid Makarevich. In process of time not only the residents of Berezevshchina but also tourists started to visit the religious place.

In warm period there are always a lot of people here. The town dwellers visit the Starinny park with great pleasure, hiding themselves from heat in the shade of the trees. While the tourists are interested in the history of the temple, they are attracted to the uncommonness of the construction and the memorial complex.

During the Republic competition “Get to know Belarus”, having tourist orientation, the spiritual-patriotic complex was highly estimated. The  organizers of the project noted that this place possessed a high tourist potential.

That is the reason why the tourists and the inhabitants of Berezovshchina are waiting for the development of their favourite place, and the government considers how to realize the extensive plans.

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