Suvorov oak in the village of Divin

Suvorov oak in the village of Divin


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Kobrin land is famous not only for the fact that the great commander A.V. Suvorov visited it more than once, but also for the fact that he lived here. In Kobrin there are several busts and monuments immortalizing this fact, here is also a museum telling about the life of this outstanding man. Another attraction associated with Suvorov is a branchy oak located in the small village of Divin thirty kilometers southward of Kobrin.

In 1974 Suvorov was sent on the territory of Belarus to suppress the Polish uprising, therefore the troops under his command fought their way to the border with Poland located in Brest region. On September 3, 1794 near Divin took place the battle in which Suvorov’s troops fought against the insurgent army under the command of General Serakovsky. The advanced detachment of the enemy was defeated utterly. The distinguished Russian commander was a very religious man. He often devoted himself to prayers while living in Kobrin, was a permanent parishioner of St. Peter and Paul’s Church that has been standing on the street named after the Commander up to the present time. For a long time in the Church has been preserved the Psalms, on which was the inscription: “Suvorov sang and read this Psalms”. Therefore, in gratitude for the victory, he stood as long as church service lasted in the small Church of St. Paraskeva located not far fr om Divin.

On September 4, 1794 Suvorov’s troops fought against the enemy cavalry that also suffered a crushing defeat. The soldiers made a short-term stop to gather strength and then moved further towards Brest. It is noteworthy that the victory under the troops of rebels was gained due to only the Commander. Suvorov received the title of field Marshal and a hundred and thirty thousand Kobrin peasants in possession for the victories won in the significant for Kobrin lands 1794.

According to the legend associated with the oak named Suvorov Oak after the battle Suvorov’s troops had a rest in the most beautiful place. But wh ere else do soldiers rest, tired after a battle? Of course, under trees. So the great commander settled in the shade of the strong oak.

Local inhabitants held this event in remembrance for a long time. The legend about Suvorov Oak was passed during two centuries and therefore it was not forgotten. Only in 1968 it was decided to immortalize this historical fact. The centuries-old tree received the status of a nature monument having the Republican importance. The Oak is amazing for the fact that it is both historical and botanical value. It is more than four hundred and fifty years old, it is striking it its height – thirty one meter, and in the width of the trunk’s diameter – a meter and a half!

The nature monument is fenced, and close to it there is established an obelisk with the enscription: “In 1794 during the march from Nemirov to Kobrin the great Russian commander Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov had a rest under this oak”. 

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