Domzheritskoe forestry

Domzheritskoe forestry


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Lepel district in Vitebsk region is a beautiful area in the northern part of the Republic of Belarus. There are more than 100 lakes shining with their water surface, where there are plenty of various fish. In some places the forests are dense and massive, and in some places they are rare and form beautiful glades. These lands are rich in greenery, mushrooms and berries. It is home to many birds and animals. People who are fond of fishing and outdoor recreation regularly visit these wonderful places.

Domzheritskoe forestry is located in Lepel district, which is also famous for its magnificent nature. Forestry staff carefully monitor the qualitative characteristics of the forest, conduct sanitary measures, care for animals and plants, they are engaged in the forest units increase, look for ecological situation, control the forest cleanness and absence of fire in the forestry. All local events are held, depending on the season and weather conditions. You can get to the forestry with a comfortable tour group or by your car. You should drive twelve kilometers from Minsk, and then, having reached Ostroshitsky town, turn off onto Pleshchenitsy, after which turn to Lepel town and turn right to Domzheritsy village after sixty-eight kilometers.

The village is an ancient settlement, as it has come into existence in the late fourteenth century. This place was owned by different clans of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Domzheritsy is the centre of the Berezinski Biosphere Reserve, which has many international awards.  The river Buzyanka flows near the village, and there is lake Domzheritskoe a little further. There are comfortable hotel complexes, including various types of rooms and offering many excursions. One of these tours invites the visitors to walk through Domzheritsky forestry’s territory, and to see wild animals’ traces, listen to the birds singing and to be acquainted with the rich world of plants. The duration of this route is two hours, during which the tourists are to overcome almost six kilometers on foot. Here you can meet elks, wild boars, deer and even roes! Typically, this fascinating tourist route is called "Following animal trails." Recently, a chapel has been built in the village of Domzheritsy directly on the arboretum territory. It was erected of wood by Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve workers. The reserve alley is planted in memory of the staff killed in performance of their duties by poachers.

The climate is unique in Lepel district, characterized by a plenty of medicinal plants, swamps, meadows, forests and, of course, lots of beautiful lakes. Eco-tourism is well developed here, but you can visit the monuments and various attractions being in the area at the same time. So, Domzheritskoe forestry is a unique place, as it is the only territory of Belarus protected at a high level, and the nature of this land has remained virtually untouched. The forestry flora and fauna are interesting to explore both in warm and frosty season.

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, Domzheritsy , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 140 km

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