The house of Zalkind

The house of Zalkind



The house of Zalkind in Minsk – one of the former tenement houses located in the center of the capital at the address 24 Revolutionary Street.

The building was built in late 19th century and was owned by the Zalkinds, hence its name. At that time the building was a tenement house, flats and rooms of which were rented.

According to one of versions the owner of the house in Minsk had a relationship with Samuil Zalkind who lived in Kiev and owned a tenement house as well.  The surname Zalkind went down in history thanks to his daughter – Rosalia Samoilovna, who was born in 1876 and later became the Vice-Chairman of the Council of people's Commissars of the USSR, became famous for participating in the organization of the red terror in the Crimea (1920-21). Because of her commitment to revolutionary ideas and subsequent events on the Crimean Peninsula, where was the physical extermination of class enemies, especially former officers and soldiers of Wrangel's Army, Rozalia Zemlyachka (née Zalkind) was nicknamed "a fury of the red terror."

In 1910 at the house of Zalkind there was Alekseevskaya private girls’ gymnasium named after  Rayman, where trained girls fr om the most affluent families of the city. The surviving evidence suggests that in 1913 the school trained more than 500 schoolgirls were studying there. Programs approved by the Ministry of education were assumed as the basis of learning. The study itself lasted 8 years, and the greatest attention was paid to the subjects of Humanities.

The gymnasium was a private school and belonged to  Elizabeth D. Rayman, who was born in Vyatka. Elizabeth Dmitrievna herself was also a graduate of a private school, and then she became a class mistress and tied her life with teaching.  After her husband’s death in 1903 she moved to Minsk with her little daughter, wh ere she opened her own gymnasium and became there the headmistress.

One of the teachers of Raymand Girl’s Gymnasium was Konstantin Aleksyutovich, who later became a famous Belarusian ballet master.  He began his career as a teacher of dance and plastique after graduating from the St Petersburg theatre school in the gymnasium, which was located then in the former tenement building of Zalkind.

The gymnasium was located in the house of Zalkind for three years until 1913, after which it was transferred to the building, which is located now by address 5, Kirov street, near the train station. Since the same time in the house of Zalkind began to function higher primary school.

After  the October Revolution the building became a hostel. Nowadays on the lower floor of Zalkind’s house there is a Café “Our place”.

As for the architecture of the building it can be noted that the house of Zalkind in Minsk is a simple three-storeyed U-type building without any decorations. The main facade of the building has a symmetry, a multi-layered cornice was created under the roof.

Today the house of Zalkind is included in a number of thematic and sightseeing tours of Minsk. 

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