The House Of Proshinsky in Minsk

The House Of Proshinsky in Minsk



The House Of Proshinsky is a capital memorial site located at the beginning of Soviet Street at a small distance from the Government House, and in relative proximity to the train station.

The House Of Proshinsky became so called by the name of the owner, who was one of the most prosperous and well-known resident of Minsk of his day.

Mr Proshinsky was the Actual State Counsellor, in which the property was the family estate, now located in the South of the Belarusian capital in Loshitsa.

Loshitsa was called one of the city's neighborhoods, during the 18-19th centuries was a architectural and park ensemble. The park is laid by Count Stanislav Proshinsky - Eustache Proshinsky’s father is the owner of buildings located at the present-day Soviet Street, known as the House Of Proshinsky in Minsk. Moreover, Stanislav Proshinsky rebuilt earlier former estate into a present residence in Loshitsa.

In 1820 Eustace Proshinsky became a deputy of the nobility of their county. Three years later he became the second department chief assessor of the court in Minsk, and in another three years, he was appointed chairman.

In the 1830s Proshinsky served as chairman of the Minsk Chamber of the Civil Court. Over the years 1863-1877 he served as the post of leader of the nobility of the Minsk province. In 1864 he also became the chair in a charity. For achievements in the process of government service was awarded a number of medals.

Eustace Proshinsky does not happen often the building at the actual address 2 Sovetskaya Street. Here he was most of the time during the visits to Minsk, a considerable period of time he was in Loshitsa.

The construction of building, now known as the House of Proshinsky in Minsk, took place in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Then, the construction was located at Zakharyevskaya Street with the number 4. The street was called by name of the 1st municipal civil governor - Zachary Y. Korneev, who held the post from 1796 to 1806. The Mr Korneev was named in honor of St. Zachary, who was the father of John the Baptist.

In the late 19th century in the House of Proshinsky in Minsk was the Minsk Office of the Post and Telegraph District, which is the governing body of the activities of all postal and telegraph offices and branches located in the territory of the province.

In 1914 the Office of the Minsk Post and Telegraph District was transferred to a new building, located at the actual address 13 Independence Avenue. Today, here is located the cinema "Centralny".

Today the House of Proshinsky in Minsk - a two-storey building, the ground floor is occupied by shops and settled down on the top of "Belgazstroy OAO" a concern of the "Beltopgas" Ministry of Energy of Belarus.

With its rich history and location in the city center the House of Proshinsky is included in a significant number of both survey and thematic excursions in Minsk.

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