House of nature in Minsk

House of nature in Minsk



The history of the House of nature in Minsk

Extraordinary gallery "House of nature" is in Minsk on the street of M. Bogdanovich. It is located in a rather old building from 1870. Previously, there was a synagogue. This is one of the reasons to look here. In fact, all the buildings on the street are attractions and produce a positive impression on travelers in this region. A variety of cultural and historical objects is simply amazing. The street used was called Trinity and was one of the main streets in the Trinity suburb, a picturesque and interesting district on the Bank of the Svisloch. Almost all the buildings here were built in the early nineteenth century and have become bright examples of classical architecture of that time and cultural monuments of the country. In addition to the nature House the street of Bogdanovich is home to a number of museums to visit will be no less interesting.

Description for nature House in Minsk

The house of nature, such as exhibition, opened in 1991. The opening was timed to the 100 anniversary from the birthday of M. Bogdanovich. Cozy and quiet gallery under the name "House of nature" is not so much a historic place, it's a storehouse of interesting and useful information about the flora and fauna of the Earth. By visiting this Museum, many people will discover the many different species of living beings and plants, which previously have not been heard. Genuine interest for this place is especially of young inquisitive children, who can spend hours in this gallery. Together with a permanent exhibition periodically hosts various exhibitions. As a rule, they place unusual flora and fauna from various countries. Sometimes the walls of the gallery are filled with works of very famous photographers, sculptors and artists.

In addition the Museum is actively engaged in efforts to educate about the protected natural objects. This includes parks and reserves, as well as any monuments of nature.

Exhibitions constantly change each other, for this reason before you visit a wonderful gallery, it is necessary to clarify the exposed exposure today. But fans of "surprises", you can safely go to the House of nature at once, because all displays and exhibitions there is a very interesting and informative.

Excursion to the "House of nature" will be interesting not only for children but also for adults. It will significantly expand the horizons of every visitor and will bring a lot of positive emotions and impressions. It is always interesting to discover something new and different, enriching their knowledge with useful information.

This Museum is under the supervision of the Belarusian society for the protection of nature. All the species of flora and fauna are under reliable protection.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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