The House of Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk

The House of Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk



The House of Lee Harvey Oswald can be referred today to the number of well-known buildings of Belarusian capital. For more than 2 years (1960-1962) here had lived a person who went down in history as an officially suspect in the murder of the American President John F. Kennedy.   

Lee Harvey Oswald was born in a port city of the State of Louisiana, New Orleans in 1939. He left school after the ninth form and began working as an office clerk and messenger.

In 1956, when Oswald was 17, he entered the United States Marine Corps. He was put on reserve 3 years later and he moved to the Soviet Union at the same time.  

At first, Oswald was going to enter Moscow State University, but he was sent to Minsk at the railway station of which he found himself on January 7, 1960. And 4 days later, he visited Minsk Radio Plant named after Lenin, where he was employed as an adjuster of a first level in an experimental shop. Further his friends from Minsk and coworkers called Lee Harvey Oswald just Alec.

In January of the same year, Oswald met the head of the Minsk city Executive Committee Vasily Sharapov, who promised the American arrived at the plant a free flat, that soon was done (the rent was 60 rubles per month).

The flat was in a new postwar house built in 1955 not far from the main city avenue at the address of 4 Kalinina Street (in 1961 the street was renamed Communist Street). There were 38 flats in the building. Lee Harvey Oswald lived in a one-room flat 24 on the fourth floor of a five-storey building. As the American wrote himself about it, it was a small flat with a low rent near the work. A lot of people could only dream about such a flat. When Lee Harvey Oswald was living here, there was a kitchen, bathroom, two balconies; and the windows got a view of the Svisloch flowing in the park named after the 30th anniversary of the BSSR (now Yanka Kupala Park).

The path from home to work took only 8 minutes and it was possible to get there along then Kalinina or Zakharova Streets (now Communist Street and Kiseleva Street, respectively).

Before he settled in the flat, located in the house, now known as the house of Lee Harvey Oswald, the American had lived in the hotel “Minsk” in room 453 for two months.

In March 1961, Lee Harvey Oswald went to dance to the Palace of Culture of trade union and met a girl, who became later his wife. Her name was Marina Prusakova, who worked as a pharmacist in the 3rd city clinical hospital.

And the young people married in April of the same year. There are some of the preserved photos, in which Lee Harvey Oswald was shot with his wife on a balcony of the capital flat.

Oswald and Marina’s daughter, named June, was born in the capital of the BSSR. On May 20, 1962, the Oswalds moved out of the flat located on Communist Street and moved to the USA.

The murder of John F. Kennedy happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and Lee Harvey Oswald became the main suspect in the perpetration of the murder, who was killed two days later during the transfer to the County jail.  

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