The Chapel of St Barbara in Vysokoye

The Chapel of St Barbara in Vysokoye


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A small town called Vysokoye is situated in the western part of Belarus, Kamenets district. Local people like their home and travelers enjoy its special atmosphere, picturesque places and monuments of old times. The chapel of St. Barbara is one of these monuments. It is small. The chapel is a one-story octagonal building with a tented roof. A dome represents a trihedral tower with a cross. The chapel of St. Barbara was built in 1772 by Duke Slonchevsky. Historians dispute who founded the chapel. Some suggest that it was Leonard Slonchevsky - a bishop in Kamenetz who participated in the construction of many churches and chapels. According to a legend, the chapel was erected at the site of the burial place of Catholic Bishop Adam Klopotovsky, but this fact has not been confirmed to present day.

Until 1895, Catholic celebrations took place in the chapel of the town of Vysokoye on December 4, St. Barbara's Day. St. Barbara of Heliopolis lived in the III century and was a Christian martyress, revered in the Orthodox and Catholic churches. The martyress is addressed for protection fr om tragic and cruel death. The fate of Barbara of Heliopolis was tragic. When she was young, beautiful Barbara was imprisoned in a tower by her father Dioscorus. Before marriage, she was baptized because Barbara believed in the existence of one and only Creator. Finding out that his daughter became Christian, the pagan father tortured the girl for a long time. But the very next day after the torment, there was no single wound on Barbara's body - God appeared and healed her body. Then Barbara's father cut her head off. However, soon Dioscorus was killed by thunder strike.

The relics of St. Barbara are kept in the cathedral of St. Duke Vladimir in Kiev. The Christian great martyress is a patroness of rocket and artillery troops, as well as all those who believe in her power.

In 1895, the chapel of St. Barbara was used as a warehouse, it led to changes in its appearance and interior decoration. In the early 90s of the twentieth century, the chapel was restored and is now one of the most significant architectural objects of the town of Vysokoye. The St Barbara’s Chapel is subordinated to the Holy Trinity Church, built in the early 1600s. The church, once considered the best in Polesie, is located near the chapel.

An old park with many exotic plants and brightly blooming lilacs is one of the favorite places of inhabitants. There are walking paths, you will see ponds, glades, trees of different types and forms. Walking along the bridge, you will get to the oldest part of the park, wh ere now there are the ruins of the castle of the Sapieha dynasty.

The town of Vysokoe in the Kamyanets district, despite its small scale, is very quiet and cozy. However, there are mysterious legends and myths that attract travelers from all over the world. Have you heard a legend of a monk's ghost? Or, maybe, an urban legend of Duke Gedimin? The St. Barbara's Chapel is also connected with a beautiful legend - on a clear sunny day, during worship service, two large wings appeared above the chapel as if the martyress herself came to light up all the inhabitants of the town of Vysokoye ...

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