Сhapel of the Budslav Mother of God in Minsk

Сhapel of the Budslav Mother of God in Minsk


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The history of the chapel of the Budslav Mother of God in Minsk

The construction of the chapel is quite fresh, its construction began in 2003, but it was significantly delayed, and for the Catholic faithful there was built a small Annex to the main building. In 2005 it was consecrated. This small attached building to this day performs the basic function of the temple, where people come to pray.

The name of the chapel is the same name of a very famous Shrine for Catholics, the most ancient icon of the Budslav mother of God. It is considered to be truly miraculous and the date of its establishment is considered to be of the XVI century. The icon is painted with oil on thick canvas very masterfully. This creation was a gift for the Governor J. Pac  from the Pope. This wonderworking icon is famous not only for its amazing abilities, but also for the amazing performance.

Description of the chapel of the Budslav Mother of God in Minsk

Thanks to the amazing icon of this the chapel became so popular with locals and visitors alike.

The icon is executed in the Renaissance style and belongs to the Western type. It depicts the mother of God, whose arms the infant Jesus, who blesses all believers. The icon has a unique carved frame with elements of lace, gold-plated jewelry. There is a legend that the icon in the XVII century was able to heal a small child from blindness. If you believe the legend, it is a true miracle!

In the near future in plans of the owner of the chapel still to complete the construction of the temple. The entire area under the building was covered by a famous Abbot of the Budslav.

For those who can't afford to go home genuine icons, has created an exact copy of the icon and put it in the walls of the chapel in Minsk in 2008. Since the 2nd day of each of the months in the walls of the chapel there are held special services associated with this image. Not so long ago, a couple of years ago, the chapel has suffered attack by vandals, but all appreciate the icon miraculously survived and was intact.

Today, everyone can visit this unique place and personally to see not only the structure of the chapel, but also to look at the miraculous icon and to pray in the walls of the chapel. Believers not only from the cities of Belarus, but also from countries near and far abroad keen to visit these places to strengthen faith and the ability to ask health and healing from illnesses and diseases.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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