The bust of Suvorov in Kobrin

The bust of Suvorov in Kobrin


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Kobryn is a city, fourth in population in Brest region. It is known to all Republic products for Kobrin butter and cheese factory, in the first place – the most delicious cheeses. However, not only for the cheese is to go in this wonderful city. Here is an amazing sight – a bust of the famous General Alexander Suvorov. Is a monument in the same Park and has an interesting history.

Alexander Suvorov  –is legendary historical figure, an outstanding leader, has an impressive list of other, no less important and deserved titles. He was a veteran of the Russo-Turkish war, during which, being a General, brilliantly defeated the enemy army at Kinburn (the event occurred in 1787) and near Ochakov (1788). Near Ochakov, the Turkish army received a crushing defeat, their army was routed. This is only a small part of his military record. Thanks to Suvorov, during the Bessarabian campaign was taken by one of the largest fortresses of Izmail. In 1794, being sent to suppress the uprising under his command defeated the forces of Kostushko and destroyed the population of Prague, and was adopted by the capitulation of Warsaw. Suvorov was a favorite of the Empress Catherine II, so after her death, is in disgrace. However, the disgrace could not last long: the talented commander called back to active duty and sent to Italy, where under his command in less than five months the French forces were driven out. Just before his death, in 1800, a great General was defeated: out of the way to help forces colleague Rimsky-Korsakov, he is defeated and retreats into Russia.

Two busts and a sculpture of Suvorov in full growth are in Kobrin is not accidental. It is here about two hundred years ago there was a small wooden manor that belonged to the commander in 1795, and granted to him by Empress Catherine II. Earlier, in 1768, there was laid the Park, which to this day is a bust of Suvorov. The Park bears the name of its great owner, and is interesting not only historical, but also a scenic attraction of Kobrin.

Over the years of its existence, the Park has repeatedly been the destruction in his land swept fires, here deployed military action. The greatest damage was inflicted by world war II. However, in peacetime, the Park flourished and grew with renewed vigor, becoming a wonderful example of landscape art.

The manor house in 1894 and was demolished isotalo stead was erected the other buildings, however, she was not destined to survive until the present day: in 1939 the building was destroyed by fire.

The bust, which is the landmark of Kobrin, was cast and set in 1950 on the site of the manor Suvorov, the 150th anniversary of the death of the great commander. The bronze monument was made in Leningrad with the original work of the sculptor N. I. Rukavishnikov.

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, Kobrin , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 350 km

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