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Tourist program "In the footsteps of heroes"

Days: : 1

Tour length (km):

Number of hours: :

Travel theme: Military tour

Language: Russian

2 guests

Children's age

5 years


As part of the program, you will walk along the streets of the city and visit monuments and memorials dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War, become guests of the local history museum, get acquainted with the history of the partisan movement, warm up by the partisan fire at a simulated partisan camp in the Venzovetsky forestry, where “guests from the past " - hero-partisans Nikolai Vakhonin and Valentin Bitko - will invite you to participate in the dialogue of generations, sing your favorite songs and taste soldier's porridge.

The price includes

Excursion service, animation program

The price does not include

transport service

Required documents

Booking sheet

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