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Tour «Belaya Rus: Minsk-Sula ,6 days»

туры из минска на автобусе
экскурсионный тур 6 дней
туры 6 дней
туры по беларуси 6 дней
экскурсии по белоруссии 6 дней
туры из минска на автобусе
экскурсионный тур 6 дней
туры 6 дней
туры по беларуси 6 дней
экскурсии по белоруссии 6 дней
Days: 6
Travel theme: Historical tour, Architectural tour, Culture and art, Sightseeing tour
City: Minsk
Method of conducting: Coach tour
Time and place of dispatch: Minsk, train station, meeting at the carriege number 5 of your train
Route: Minsk - Budslav - Glubokoe - Novogrudok - Lida - Nanosy - Housewarming - Zabrodye - Sula – Rubezhevici - Minsk

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The price includes

Meeting at the train station at the car, transfer to the hotel, check-in from 00.10
Accommodation in double rooms with all amenities, TV:
  • Minsk - in hotel Belarus *** with water park, city center
  • Sula - hotel "Homestead Lenskikh"
Meals: 6 breakfast buffet, 1 continental breakfast + 7 lunches
Transport: transfer to the hotel; bus tour
Excursions with entrance tickets to museums:
  • Sightseeing tour around Minsk, Trinity Suburb
  • Excursion to Budslav
  • Tour of Glubokoe
  • Visiting Mosar: Church of St. Anne
  • Excursion to Novogrudok
  • Excursion to the house-museum of A. Mickiewicz
  • Visit to K. Kachan's art gallery
  • Excursion to the medieval castle in Lida
  • Excursion to the ethnocultural complex "Nanosy-Housewarming"
  • Excursion to Zabrodye
  • Visit to the memorial and museum
  • Excursion to the manor and park complex "History Park Sula"
  • Animation program in Sula
Informpacket: memo, map of Minsk with hotel, museums, shops
Branded souvenirs



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, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 44 km

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