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Children's sanatorium HICC Lesnaya Polyana: Creative children's camp Dragoy
Minsk-Sanatorium "Lesnaya Polyana"-Minsk

Travel theme: Wellness, Outdoor activities

City: Minsk

Time and place of dispatch: Minsk

Route: Minsk-Sanatorium "Lesnaya Polyana"-Minsk

Language: Russian

2 guests

Children's age

5 years


On the basis of the sanatorium, a children's creative camp "Dragoi" is organized.
Every day, two hours a day, we conduct creative classes in different directions:
quests, quizzes about different directions of music
acting, stage speech training
, dancing, basic choreography lessons
, we learn to present ourselves
poetry evenings
master classes from counselors
performances and presentations of invited guests from the creative environment
preparation and rehearsals of performances for the reporting concert
excursions at the request
of the disco
Accommodation in a detached building is only for our children. Children are accommodated in rooms for 2-4 people with all amenities. There is a shower cabin in every room. Cold and hot water around the clock. For the organization of the camp program, the sanatorium provides the entire territory.
A lot of attention in our camp is paid to maintaining the health of children. It is not by chance that the choice fell on the children's sanatorium, which is the leader and one of the best health facilities in the country. As part of the camp program, all students will be able to regularly visit the swimming pool, take a course of aromatherapy, drink mineral water from the pump room on the territory of the sanatorium. Wellness and tempering procedures will restore health after a difficult academic year, and an interesting leisure and educational program will help to reveal the talents of everyone who will become a participant in our project.

Daily schedule:

Lift. Charging the camp.

Breakfast. We clean beds and lockers in our rooms.

Two hours of creative master classes-groups are formed by age and creative directions.

Wellness treatments

Dinner. After lunch, a nap or a quiet activity of the child's choice.

After a quiet hour, there are two events: invited guests or events according to the camp program.

Supper. After dinner, a disco, contests or concerts.

General meeting of the Dragoi camp. Counselors control going to bed.

Additional information

Why would your child go to a creative camp?

The main thing is to gradually develop creative thinking. It is not enough to do only music or only choreography. It is necessary to teach the child to be independent and recognize himself. We will provide such an opportunity at the Dragoi camp.

Having lived in an environment of peers, where someone is more talented, someone less -the child will be able to understand their capabilities and get an incentive to develop themselves.

Through immersion in the game world, through acting lessons, thanks to interesting master classes, your child will acquire useful skills that will be very useful to him in life.

Developed creative thinking will help any student in the future, and then a student, to find unexpected solutions to complex problems, to overcome difficulties faster, to work more productively, to have more time, to achieve results where others give up.

Do not forget that with the active use of artificial intelligence in life, it is creatively developed thinking that will allow your child to be in demand in various spheres of life.

In childhood, it is creative activity that contributes to the development of the process of communication with peers, forms responsibility, develops intellectual abilities, originality

The price includes

Accommodation (14 days / 13 nights) in double or quadruple rooms with private facilities; hot water around the clock.
Meals 5 times a day (complex);
Round-the-clock work of counselors;
Entertainment program: every day a variety of master classes in different areas, creative workshops, role-playing games, evening show events, discos;
The unique composition of counselors;
Use of the pool
Aroma room and salt room.
Use of the infrastructure of the resort (sports grounds and a concert hall (according to the schedule).
Transfer from Minsk to the Camp and back.

The price does not include

Excursions in Belarus: from 10 to 30 rubles

Required documents

A parent's passport, a child's birth certificate, a medical certificate, is taken no later than three days before arrival.

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