New Year 2018-2019 at Belarusian sanatoriums

211730, Dokshitsy district , Bydachi , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 100 km
  • The private well drinking mineral water "Borova", an ideal place for a quiet family holiday.
231461, Dyatlovo region , Boroviki , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 195 km
  • Radon — the key to health, interior refinement and an individual approach to each client, high level of service on the basis of Medical SPA
Dzerzhinsky RUPS, а/ya 30, 222720 , Dzerzhinsk , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 30 km
  • Arrivals from 6 days. High level of service,good infrastructure, everything needed for outdoor activities.
Ozernaya street, 2, 225358, Baranovichi district, Pavlinovo village , Dzerzhinsk , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 167 km
  • Unique in Belarus water treatments and huge hydrotherapy base
225794, Brest region, Ivanovo district, Zavyshie, str. Zavyshanskaya, 3 , Dzerzhinsk , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 323 km
  • Treatment procedures are released 7 days a week.
  • Distance to Minsk: 3 km
223028, Minsk district , Zhdanovichi , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 8 km
  • Arrivals from 10 days. Favorable microclimate, amazing and unique nature, mineral water, therapeutic mud, medical and recreational procedures.
Myadelsky s/s, 7, 222405, Myadel district , Sosny , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 150 km
  • Quiet and measured rest on the lake Naroch, unity with nature. Health and diagnostic programs for pregnant women.
Str. Sanatornaya, 23, 230031 , Grodno , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 278 km
  • Arrivals from 10 days. Non-traditional methods of treatment: aerophytotherapy, speleotherapy, color therapy, aromatherapy.
str. Turistskaya,14, 222395, Myadel district , Naroch , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 152 km
  • With lake views, good infrastructure, quiet rest.
Volpovsky s / s 21, 231908, Volkovysk district, village Kovali , Naroch , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 260 km
  • We provide effective sanatorium treatment since April 2014
  • Distance to Minsk: 162 km
  • Distance to Minsk: 50 km
  • Distance to Minsk: 300 km
211230, Vitebsk District, the village of Maliye Lettsy , Naroch , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 260 km
  • The Health resort has four unique sources of mineral water.
231753, Grodno district , Ozery , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 252 km
  • Many wellness programs for weight loss, to fight with diabetes and for the rejuvenation of the body. Water park, bowling.
231469, Dyatlovo district , Boroviki , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 180 km
  • There are children's department "Borovichok". Own source of radon water.

Book sanatoriums and resorts in Belarus for the New Year

What can be better than a mix of nice and useful holiday! You have a wonderful chance of spending New year not only having fun and relaxing but also get some medical treatment of your body. Belarusian sanatoriums and resorts have a perfect reputation of places for relax, treatment and fun. High level service and low prices for the tours will make your New Year vacation a real holiday.

Our portal has collected for you the most advantageous offers for room reservation in various bases and holiday homes, tourist and hotel complexes, as well as in agro-sports. You can meet the New Year 2019 both in seclusion, in the present Belarusian forest wilderness, and close to key Belarusian sights.

Belarusian resorts and recreation centers have prepared the best offers of New Year vacation for you. You can book both a tour with medical treatment or without as you like (medical staff works without vacations). Anyway you will have a chance to have a perfect holiday and spend time in the Belarusian natural surrounding enjoying wonderful winter landscapes.

However sanatoriums of Belarus are popular not only with their low cost but also with their high class medical services. The staff of each sanatorium also cares about the holiday animation program and fun of their guests as well as Belarusian food leaves no one indifferent even gourmands.

Spend New Year 2019 at Belarusian sanatoriums and resorts!