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      Health care institution “Minsk city emergency hospital” offers you highly qualified assistance of experts, the most advanced treatment and diagnostics  methods using the latest equipment.

      Every year the hospital provides care to more than 80 000 patients, of which more than 90% are treated for emergency indications. More than 38 000 patients are hospitalized and receive hospital treatment.
The hospital has the largest operating Department for 20 operating theatres in the Republic of Belarus. More than 18 000 operations are performed annually, 2/3 of them are complex.

      For the population of the Republic of Belarus and foreign nationals on the basis of our hospitals the following paid medical services are available:
  • medical consultations: cardiologist, internist, neurologist, pulmonologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist, surgeon, urologist, neurosurgeon, traumatic surgeon, endocrinologist, combustiologist, toxicologist;
  • clinical and laboratory studies with modern data processing using the best foreign equipment;
  • radiographic studies, computed tomography (multi-function, 16 – slice scanner with 3-dimensional image);
  • magnetic resonance therapy;
  • ultrasound researches: thyroid gland, abdominal cavity organs, pelvic organs (transabdominal and transvaginal), prostate gland (transabdominal and transrectal), soft tissues, Echocardiography (in M + B mode + doppler echocardiogram + color flow mapping), ultrasound arterial and venous pool Doppler sonography, brachiocephalic artery Doppler sonography; veins and arteries Doppler sonography of the upper and lower limbs, transcranial artery Doppler sonography of base of brain (high-end digital ultrasound machines Medicon 8000, Aloka 5500 - 2007);
  • functional diagnostics: Holter monitoring, bicycle ergometry, treadmill test, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, study of respiratory function, electroencephalography with functional tests, ECG; 
  • stomach and intestines endoscopic examination;
  • massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • remedial gymnastics;
  • ergotherapy;
  • mechanotherapy;
  • reflexotherapy;
  • dental treatment using modern filling materials.

        At the department of hyperbaric oxygenation you can take the treatment course of oxygen under hyperbaric chambers, if you have: broken blood circulation in the hands or feet; in the heart (coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, heart attacks, birth defects); in the brain; migraine; slowly healed wounds, trophic wounds, limbs, spine trauma or broken limbs, spine, spinal steochondrosis, joint diseases, hepatitis, cirrhosis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, colitis, diabetes with complications, pathologic climax; prostatitis , impotence, withdrawal of alcohol intoxication.


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