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The Health Care Establishment «The 10th City Clinical Hospital»

The Health Care Establishment «The 10th City Clinical Hospital»


      The Health Care Establishment «The 10th City Clinical Hospital» of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee is a multidisciplinary medical institution that provides highly qualified specialized medical assistance with the provision of a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and preventive services to residents of the city of Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, as well as to foreign citizens on a fee basis.

      Annually, the clinic provides medical care to more than 100 thousand patients and performs about 20 thousand surgical operations. On the basis of the clinic, there is a center for laser eye microsurgery, in which laser treatment of eye diseases is carried out using modern technologies.

      At present the hospital has more than 1000 beds. Annually, more than 100 citizens from all regions of the Republic seek medical advice, more than 35000 patients are being hospitalized, about 20000 of surgical operations are carried out.

5 republican centers have been functioning at the hospital:

  • Surgical pancreatology
  • Allergology and professional pathology
  • Thoracic restorative

4 City centers:
  • «Diabetic foot»
  • Gastroduodenal hemorrhage
  • Thoracic restorative
  • Traditional oriental medicine

      The treatment is conducted by professors, doctors of medical sciences, PhDs, doctors of the highest category, who have many years of experience and knowledge of modern achievements in the field of medical technologies.

      The staff of the clinic is represented by highly-qualified medical specialists. The staff consists of 292 physicians and 552 specialists with secondary-level medical education. Among them there are 10 Candidates of Medical Sciences, 11 excellent workers of public health of the Republic of Belarus. There are thousands of saved, returned to full life people, – it is the result of highly professional work of the whole staff of the hospital, who has been protecting health and lives for more than 30 years.

      Annually, specialists of the hospital carry out more than 5 000 highly technological and complicated surgical interventions, which help to protect not only life and health of the patient, but also provide a high quality of life.

      A full specter of highly technological researches are carried out, including endovascular ones with the application of angiographic complex, roentgenological, computed tomography, magnetic and resonance tomography, radionuclide research methods, endoscopic and ultrasound ones.

      Unique highly specific eye researches: fluorescent angiography, digital fundus-camera, optical coherence tomography, keratotopography and others.

      Laser eye correction is carried out with the application of femtosecond excimer laser which is the only one in the Republic of Belarus. Keratoplasty is performed according to the unique methodics (corneal transplantion) with the application of femtosecond laser.

      Surgical care is rendered at operating rooms, equipped with medical ventilation with laminar airflows, sterilization equipment, newest laparoscopic devices, which in 2015  received Code Certificate DIN EN ISO 14644 -1 EG GMP.


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