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State Institution «Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Examination and Rehabilitation»

State Institution «Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Examination and Rehabilitation»


      The State Institution «Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Examination and Rehabilitation» is the only specialized center in the Republic of Belarus which carries out medical rehabilitation on a paid basis for citizens of near and far abroad after the completed radical treatment of malignant tumors.

                                     The main directions of medical services:

1. Rehabilitation of patients who underwent surgical, combined, complex treatment for breast cancer, cancer of the organs of the female and male genitourinary system, rehabilitation of patients who underwent operative treatment of malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract (subtotal resection of the stomach, gastrectomy, pancreato-duodenal resection , liver resection, resection of the small intestine) in the early recovery period.

2. Rehabilitation of patients who developed postoperative complications in the long-term postoperative period:
After operations on the mammary gland in the form of secondary lymphedema of the upper extremities, plexopathy, arthrosis of the shoulder joint, contractures, post-radiation pulmonitis.
After operations on the pelvic organs with the development of secondary lymphedema of the lower limbs, post-stroke syndrome, incontinence.
After operations on the stomach with dumping syndrome, the syndrome of «small» stomach, agastral asthenia, post-gastrectomy anemia, the syndrome of the resulting loop
After operations in the small intestine with a syndrome of impaired absorption.

3. Rehabilitation of patients who underwent operations on the thyroid and parathyroid glands. At the stage of early postoperative rehabilitation, thyroid hormone therapy is selected taking into account the histological forms of the disease, age and concomitant pathology. In the following, recommendations are given on the frequency of monitoring hormonal status at the outpatient stage. If necessary, correction of complications associated with a decrease in calcium levels in the postoperative period, selection of a dose of calcium preparations, vitamin D and its active metabolites, traumatic damage to the branches of the nerves is prescribed drug treatment, and for paresis of the recurrent nerve — in combination with a special phonopedic complex (irrigation Larynx with oily solutions and phonopedic exercises).

4. Rehabilitation of patients after radiation and post-chemotherapeutic treatment in the presence of early radiation reactions, side effects of chemotherapy.

5.  Rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the nervous system, ENT organs, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system (while maintaining independent movement).

6. Rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the endocrine system, correction of excess weight.
The rehabilitation program includes a complex of activities, the most important part of which is psychotherapeutic and psychological assistance, diet therapy, physiotherapy exercises and physiotherapy. Physical factors are applied depending on the localization, the nature of the pathological process. The high level of professional training of medical personnel guarantees the success of rehabilitation.

     Rehabilitation of patients is carried out by highly qualified specialists who have many years of experience and knowledge of modern achievements in the field of medical rehabilitation. The institution employs 2 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 12 PhD of medical and biological sciences.

     In the Center you can get consultations of high profile specialists such as cardiologist, otorhinolaryngologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, orthopedist-traumatologist, gynecologist, gastroenterologist, psychotherapist, dentist, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, and also pass necessary examination (ECG, ultrasound diagnosis, laboratory diagnostics). If necessary, the teacher-speech therapist conducts classes on speech phonopedia.

      Inpatient treatment and rehabilitation of patients is carried out with the use of modern medicines and methods of treatment in wards of increased comfort.

      The key to the successful operation of the Center is an individual approach to the rehabilitation of each patient.


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