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State institution "Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital DSWW"
Gomel region

Address: Gomel Ilyicha Street, 288, Gomel, Gomel region


State institution "Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital DSWW" is the establishment which is carrying out the stationary help to veterans of the Second World War, to the people equated to them on privileges, the emergency neurologic help to habitants of Gomel and the Gomel area, the organizational and methodical help to healthcare institutions of the Gomel region, the consulting and diagnostic help.

It carries out medical rehabilitation of patients with neurologic and oncological pathology, after the postponed myocardial infarction and operations on the musculoskeletal system.

In hospital there is complex recovery of the patients who had a sharp myocardial infarction and other cardiac pathology, a heart attack of a brain, transmitted surgical treatment on a head and spinal cord, corrective interventions on the musculoskeletal system, and also endoprosthesis replacement of large joints is carried out.

The institution renders paid medical services to citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens.





The establishment «Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital DSWW » operates 500 beds:

  • the first therapeutic department with 60 beds intended mainly for lonely elderly citizens;
  • the 2nd and 3rd therapeutic departments of 60 beds each, intended for veterans of the Second World War and persons equated to them on privileges;
  • the 1st neurologic department with 30 beds providing 3 times a week around the clock emergency help to patients of Gomel and the Gomel area with disturbed cerebral circulation;
  • the 2nd neurologic department with 60 beds providing planned medical help to residents of Gomel and the Gomel region;
  • the intensive care unit with 12 beds.

On the basis of the establishment « Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital DSWW » from 01.01.2012 operates Gomel Regional Center of Medical Rehabilitation with 181 beds:

  • the department of early medical rehabilitation of post-stroke patients with 60 beds;
  • the department of medical rehabilitation of the patients of a neurologic profile with 30 beds;
  • the department of early medical rehabilitation of post infarction and cancer [oncological] patients with 51 beds;
  • the department of medical rehabilitation of traumatological patients with 40 beds.

Moreover, there are auxiliary diagnostic and treatment divisions: the department of functional diagnostics, hyperbaric oxygenation, physiotherapy, exercise therapy includes 4 rooms and 2 swimming pools, emergency room, X-ray rooms and computer tomography, ultrasound diagnostics, thermal treatment of prostate cancer, ozone therapy, endoscopy, reflexology, psychotherapy, clinical diagnostic laboratory and pharmacy. On the whole territory of the hospital the barrier-free environment is created (special wards with expanded doorways, sanitary rooms with the adapted fixtures, etc.), that allows patients with the extremely limited mobility (disabled wheelchair invalids) to move in hospital and independently to visit any medical and auxiliary divisions.

According to the Law of the Republic of Belarus "About veterans" and the comprehensive program on improvement of social work with lonely senior citizens in the Republic of Belarus till 2010, approved by the resolution of Council of ministers of the Republic of Belarus № 855 from 13.07.2004 on inpatient treatment are accepted in hospital:

  • disabled people of the Second World War and disabled people of military operations in the territory of other states;
  • participants of the Second World War;
  • servicemen and persons of the commanding and ordinary structure of the bodies of internal affairs which became disabled people due to injury, a contusion, a mutilation or the disease got on duty of military service;
  • members of families of the lost servicemen, the persons awarded by awards and medals of the USSR for dedicated work in the back in days of the Second World War;
  • the former prisoners fascist concentration camps, prisons, ghettos and the former underage prisoners of other places of detention created by fascists and their allies during the Second World War;
  • disabled people since their childhood due to injury, contusions, mutilations connected with military operations in the period of the Second World War or with consequences of military action;
  • in terms of existence of empty seats on hospitalization are accepted: elderly citizens (single), and the persons participating in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident.

Hospitalization is carried out in areas with a specific date and month of arrival on treatment which in advance are circulated by regions and in Gomel.

The establishment « Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital DSWW » provides paid services to the population of the Republic of Belarus as well as foreigners. Treatment and rehabilitation on a paid basis were undergone by citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Italy, Belgium, Moldova, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan in our establishment.

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