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Sanatorium 'Sosny', Mogilev


Санаторий Сосны в Могилеве Санаторий Сосны Сосны в Могилеве Могилевский санаторий Сосны Сосны - санаторий в Могилеве Могилевские санатории Отдых в санатории Сосны, Могилев
Address: 212032, Mogilev Region, v. Shapchitsy, Mogilev region, Belarus
Check-in 8:30
Check-out 24:00
Year of foundation 1973
Year renovated 2011
Distance to Minsk 215 km
Nearest town Mogilev (12 km)

Sanatorium 'Sosny' is located in the village of Shapchitsy near the Dnieper River, 12 kilometers from Mogilev, in the midst of softwood forests. Accommodation is provided by double rooms and 2- or 4-bed apartments equipped with everything necessary. The health complex is designed for 300 places and consists of 3 sites without covered passages between them.

Sanatorium Sosny for your health in Mogilev

The resort specializes in the treatment of diseases:

  • digestive system;
  • breathing system;
  • bones and muscles;
  • female reproductive system.

Among other sanatoriums 'Sosny' is unique for its mineral water springs, which are used for treatment and health improvement (baths, swimming pool, peroral water intake).

The center provides year-round rental of sport equipment - it is an excellent opportunity for riding a bike or skiing, enjoying the healthful air of pines and other conifers, which is important for city dwellers suffering industrial pollution.

Sanatorium Sosny: near the sights of Mogilev

Health tourism is not the only option in the sanatorium 'Sosny'. You can visit the following interesting places in Mogilev:

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212032, Mogilev Region, v. Shapchitsy

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