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Health resort Ruzhanski
Brest region

Category: The highest

Address: 225155, Pruzhany district, Zapolie, Brest region, Brest region, Belarus

Check-in: 12:00

Check-out: 10:00

Year of foundation: 2005

Distance to Minsk: 240 km

Nearest town: Slonim (43,6 km)

Resort "Ruzhansky": health improvement in the Brest Region

The package with treatment from 7 days.The package without treatment from 1 day.

The Ruzhansky resort is located in the Brest region in the center of a forest with predominantly coniferous trees. "Ruzhanskaya Pushcha" is picturesquely located near the Papernya Lake. The medical institution has been awarded the highest category, so you will definitely be provided with a decent level of health improvement and recreation!

What awaits you in Ruzhansky:

  • 5 residential buildings, which are connected with medical and administrative buildings
  • residential cottage
  • 4 hundreds of places for visitors
  • comfort and safety provided by security and video surveillance systems

Rooms in Ruzhansky are ranked in several classes, so you can easily find a suitable option.

The Ruzhansky resort has a swimming pool and a water park, so this is a great place for families with children in Belarus.

The resort “Ruzhanski” is an excellent place for recreation with children in Belarus

If you are still looking for the best place for rest and treatment for you and your child, then the programs in the health resorts will delight you not only with the quality of services, but also with an affordable cost. The qualifications of the medical staff are so high that you can order a treatment program for children of any age. Baby, preschooler, student, teenager – Ruzhansky provides high-quality health improvement according to the chosen program to all comers!

Excursion tourism and health improvement in the Brest District

The Ruzhansky resort in Belarus will surprise you with the availability of educational tourism.The urban village of Ruzhany is located less than 10 kilometers from the health resort. You can enjoy historical sites and mentally touch the spirit of that time: the Sapeg palace complex and the majestic Baroque monument — the Peter and Paul Church. And if you drive a little further, there is Kossovo with its impressive Pusłowski Palace and Tadeusz Kosciuszko Manor 30 kilometers from the resort. Thanks to such locations, you will definitely spend an unforgettable time with a tour from Ruzhansky. The hotel staff will tell you how to get to the locations.

To find out the cost of a voucher to the Ruzhansky health resort, check the availability of the reservation, indicate the expected number of days of rest, and select the category of the room that interests you. A variety of services, treatment programs, and nearby attractions makes the Ruzhansky one of the best in Belarus!

The best prices for rest and recovery!

Medical profiles

Blood circulation diseases
Digestive apparatus disease
Respiratory apparatus diseases
Metabolism diseases
Musculoskeletal system diseases
Female genitals diseases

Entertainment, recreation and sports

Swimming pool
Hair salon
Fitness center
Workout room
Athletic field
Tennis court
Ice skating rink
Sports equipment rental

For guests with disabilities

Rooms for disabled guests
Wheelchair ramp


Family rooms
The front desk is scheduled
Currency exchange
All spaces non-smoking
Air conditioning




Pets are not allowed

For children

Day nursery
Children's playground
Children's menu
Wading pool
Children's TV networks


Street parking



Getting there

By Car

Geographical coordinates — 52°53'49.89"N, 24°50'31.47"E

By public transport

From Minsk to Ivatsevichi there are daily commuter and passenger trains, as well as from the central bus station by regular bus or route taxi Minsk-Brest, Minsk-Ivanovo.

From  the "Ivatsevichi bus station" to the Ruzhany bus station, there is a daily shuttle bus or fixed-route taxi.

From  the "Bus station of Ruzhany" to the sanatorium "Ruzhanskiy" the service bus meets the guests.

You can use transfer services

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Children's age

5 years
Price for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
  • Price for citizens of the Republic of Belarus
  • Price for Russian citizens
  • Price for other countries

Additional information

For checking in the resort you need to bring the following documents:

  • passport
  • voucher
  • the medical record or n extract from the patient card (it is important for purpose of the correct course of treatment). 

If you come with children, you need to have:

  • birth certificate
  • certificate of vaccination

Tourists will have to pay a resort fee - up to 5% of the tour price.

Check-out time: 08:00 check-in, check-out until 20:00

Medical services


Inhalation therapy


Laboratory and diagnostic tests


Light therapy






Services for children

Children from 0 to 2 years are accepted with payment of accommodation according to the price list and statement addressed to the director, in the presence of the medical certificate about inoculations and lack of contact with infectious patients.


Two dining rooms with 350 seats.
Type of food - vegetarian, banquet, children's menu.
Menu type - order menu (3 days).

  • Breakfast: 08:30 – 10:00
  • Second Breakfast 10:45 – 11:00
  • Lunch: 12:30 – 14:00
  • Snack: 15:45 – 16:00
  • Supper: 18:30 – 19:30

The second dinner (kefir): 20: 45-21: 00
* Lunch for guests with diabetes

Resort fee

Upon arrival the resort fee is paid separately.

The rate of the resort fee is set at 5 percent of the cost of the tour

From the payment of the resort fee are exempt:

  • veterans, invalids and participants of the Great Patriotic War;
  • I and II invalids, invalids since childhood;
  •  minors under the age of 18, students of general secondary education institutions, vocational education institutions, institutions of secondary specialized education, higher education institutions (full-time education).

These benefits apply to citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens, stateless persons who permanently reside on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Medical License

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Впервые поехали по рекомендации знакомых, которые там были уже неоднократно и очень советовали, т.к. сами от него в восторге. Отдыхала в нём 2 раза. В начале весны и летом. И смело заявляю, что там в любую пору года комфортно и есть, чем заняться, кроме лечения. Продуманная инфраструктура, комфортные номера, аккуратная и облагороженная территория прямо в окружении сосен. Весной (а тогда на улице было плюс-минус 0 градусов) очень выручали отапливаемые тоннели между корпусами. Это мегаудобно! Не нужно без конца снимать-надевать верхнюю одежду и менять обувь, когда идёшь в бассейн, или лечебный корпус, или в столовую. Там всё ради и для людей! Запах – дышать не надышаться. Озеро с невероятным количеством лебедей (порой насчитывали до 50 особей). Прокат различного спортивного инвентаря (мы с собой брали свой велосипед, и представляете, для таких случаев есть специальный гараж): велосипеды, самокаты, ролики, лыжи, машинки, теннисные ракетки, мячи, бадминтон… Детская игровая комната. Бассейн. Аквапарк. Спортивный зал. Тренажерный зал. Бильярд. Спортивные площадки с искусственным покрытием. Велодорожка. Территория для шашлыков. Библиотека. Дискотеки (по времени сначала детские, потом взрослые). Регулярные развлекательные мероприятия с розыгрышами призов (до сих пор помню День). Концерты, показ кинофильмов. Возможность съездить на экскурсии в Жировичский монастырь, Ружанский дворцовый комплекс Сапегов, Беловежскую пущу и Брестскую крепость, Коссовский замок, усадьбу Тадеуша Костюшко, чем мы, разумеется, воспользовались. И это всё как дополнение к лечению. Пятитиразовое питание с заказным меню (это большой плюс лично для меня). Готова об этом санатории писать бесконечно! Вспоминаю с теплотой и любовью. И очень хочу туда вернуться вновь!